I've decided that we need to prioritize the chores that need to get done around here so I made a list of all the things that are broken or don't work properly. Hold on to your hats cause it's a big list and pretty much encompasses everything in our house.
1. New front door knob and lock, cause my dang key doesn't work in the lock and the lock doesn't work properly
2. fix dishwasher, the stupid soap dispenser won't open up so you have to stop and make sure to open it up and flip the lid of the dispenser so the soap comes out
3. fix the taps in the bathroom, long story I blogged about a while ago
4. fix toilet cause it doesn't even flush down toilet paper!!!
5. fix floor in hallway cause all the tiles are coming apart
6. fix tub surround cause it's all moldy and nasty and needs to be replaced cause it's worn out
7. build a wall upstairs so son can move upstairs and we can move downstairs into the master bedroom and not have a sheet for a wall
8. fix or replace broken stereo
9. fix or replace tv cause the picture has become a white ghost and no amount of adjusting fixes it
10. replace element on stove cause it's been broken for 6 years now
11. fix side mirror on the car cause it only looks at the ground now and you can't adjust it even manually
12. replace washing machine that eats clothes, really it destroys more clothes than it washes most days
13. tear down front porch and replace cause the idiot who built it built it wrong so that it tipped towards the house so water runs in the wrong direction off of it towards the house.
14. fix all the light switches that either don't work properly or don't work at all.
15. wire an overhead light in the bedroom cause there isn't one, can you imagine not having a light other than a lamp in your bedroom? neither can I, but that's what we have here.
16. put a dang fan in the bathroom so our house doesn't smell all the time! Really, if someone had a bm and you came over for a visit our whole house smells. It's nasty, and leads me to use alot of matches trying to subdue the aroma.
17. put some proper windows upstairs that aren't handmade and actually fit properly and keep the cold out during the winter instead of allowing in snow and cold even when we cover them with plastic
18. Replace the old back door on the porch cause you can see daylight under it
19. Replace the back door into the house cause it's old with a skeleton key and has a glass window in it that could easily be broken to get in the house.
20. replace the entire back porch since it's tilted, even though it seems to have been this way for many years it drives me nuts to see our back porch looking like it's going to fall over any minute plus any doors on it don't hang properly
21. put a new screen door on the back porch cause the old one doesn't close like it should and is totally worn out.
22. put a new screen door on the front porch cause it was put on backwards and the lock was broken so that someone couldn't lock it from the outside, and it doesn't work properly.

There is more, so much more but my hand has a cramp in it so I'll finish the list after I've rubbed my hand with something for the cramps and had a couple of stiff drinks cause it's looking pretty much like our house should be condemned!!


Oh, my! It looks like by the time you get done WRITING the list, there will be no time to DO the list!!
Sparkless said…
If I only had enough money to fix it all at once I'd hire someone to do it. My husband is a Mr-Make-It-Worse and not a Mr-Fix-It.
Kate said…
Wow that is a looooong list! Good luck Kate x

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