Bored or boring?

Today I am bored. I haven't done a thing all day. There is nothing I want to do. Does that make me bored or boring? Maybe a bit of both. It's a beautiful sunny fall day out there and here I sit inside, stuck, unable to find enthusiasm or even the energy for anything.

Do you have those days? Or is it just me? I'll pay for it tomorrow by having to play catch up on all the crap I didn't do today. Good thing is my headache is gone now. But I'm afraid of eating or doing anything. Just about anything can cause a migraine. Sheesh! How unfair is that? Since my migraines have been few and far between through my adult years, actually only two of them, I'll take my chances and eat like I normally would. If the migraine comes back I'll whack it with some drugs which I'll get from my Dr. as soon as I can get an appointment, they are calling me back.

No word from my younger sister either. It's her day off and I kinda hoped she would call and we could go out for coffee. That's not gonna happen. She's not allowed to call her family or go out for coffee with us per the nut job husband. He frowns on her having relationships with anyone but him. I called her twice but there was no answer so I texted her but no reply. Oh well, guess she doesn't need a supportive older sister.

Yesterday I picked the last rose of the season. I doubt anymore will grow although there are a few buds out there. The frost usually nips them in the bud. Get it? LOL! But really it does. The buds will start to form but the weather will be too cold and they just won't grow into flowers. So I have the last red rose blooming in all it's glory on my table.

I'm waiting for snow. I love snow, yes I do! I love to shovel it, I love to make snow men with it and I love to watch it falling. The more snow the better I love it. Stupid global warming is ruining all my fun. One day I'll be a very old lady telling my grand kids about how much snow we used to get and they won't believe me. I'll tell them tales of having to shovel off our roofs or risk collapse of our houses. I'll tell them about the time the snow banks were so high you couldn't see our car parked on the street. I'll miss snow when it's gone.

Speaking of missing stuff, I missed watching the news all weekend. Now I don't have any good rants to go on today that must be why I'm so bored. That little bit of rant energy keeps me going. So tonight I'll watch the news and have a good rant for you all tomorrow.


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