Rainy day

It's been pouring rain here since yesterday. It finally feels like winter is approaching fast. We may even see some snow by the end of the week. Of course it will only be a light dusting of snow and will melt almost as fast as it falls so don't get your panties in a twist.

I'm calling today "Make My Day Monday." Why? Well why not? Monday is one of those days everyone hates cause it's back to school and back to work but for me it's me time. I'm sitting in my jammies still enjoying the quiet of the house. I've got exactly 6.5 hours before the kids come home. I can do anything I want! Well not quite anything but I've got all that time to do what I chose when I chose it.

So Mondays are good days for me. I should do laundry or clean something but it's dark and gloomy out and my husband just came home from his night shift. He's already up in bed snoring away. Maybe I'll join him there and grab a few more hours of sleep. Naw I don't want to waste all my time sleeping.

I should type up the minutes from the last meeting cause the next meeting is tomorrow night. LOL! I'm still waiting to hear back about some details for the newsletter so I can't finish that until I get those details. So I can't finish those things up yet and I can type those minutes up later tonight or tomorrow. No one is going to read them anyway, they never do.

That's my day. How about you is it "Make My Day Monday" for you too?


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