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Who would have thought?

I would never have thought in my wildest dreams that I'd end up this way. I stayed home to raise my kids and now I'm home alone. Yup, ladies I'm living your dreams! But let me tell you instead of a dream this has turned into a living nightmare.

Staying home means you have less money. Less money means you can't go as many places, do as many things, or go out as often. So you stay home. People think you do nothing all day. And eventually you'll have people look at you as if you are something they squished under their shoe. If you don't have a paying job you aren't worth a darn.

This attitude by people around you begins to fill you with self loathing. Going out to any event becomes a chore you don't enjoy. Not only will you not have a nice new dress but your hairstyle will be woefully out of date and unless other people like to talk about gardens, volunteering, or laundry you won't have alot to chat about. So you stay at home.

Your husband has …