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Even Worse!

Remember when I told you about my younger sister who was having marital problems? Well it seems she has moved back in with her butt head husband. Now why would that be a bad thing you ask? Why would trying to make your marriage work be such a bad thing. Well, let me tell you. Her butt head husband has a girl friend and is refusing to stop seeing her!
Ya, I know, I thought the same thing. My sister is a smart, slim, attractive woman and I just cannot see how she can lower herself like this. Unfortunately for her the church she goes to believes the man is the boss and women must bend and bow to their husbands. Sad really especially since said husband is such a butt head!
Now I like to stay out of other people business but it's so hard not to just come out and say to her "What the hell are you thinking?!"
She is doing what she usually does too which is to avoid her family. She was supposed to come to my dad's birthday party but at the last minute told my mom that…


I got out of the house but only went up to my parents place cause it was my dad's birthday party. At least we had cake. Unfortunately I still feel the same itchy frustration that I can't seem to scratch with anything.
It was a rather sad weekend for me. My daughter's friends are doing that exclusion thing and she's the one being left out. I never did understand why kids do that even when I was a kid I never did that especially to my best friends! So she's at home sad and bored and I'm not much help to her other than to try to find some fun things we can do together. It's too bad my daughter made friends with this bully. This friend used to get mad at my daughter if she played with other girls. She also loves to make sure that my daughter gets left out of things but still calls her "my best friend." That kind of best friend we can all do without.
But being a good mom I'm trying to be impartial and let my daughter make her own decisions. …

Shack Wacky

Almost December but I've already broken out my holiday cd's and started listening to them. Well, actually just one and it's more like blues/jazzy type Christmas songs by Colin James. And tonight I'm sad to hear that one of the bands from my youth was in town and I didn't know about it. I would have gone to see Trooper for sure if I had known. So now I'm feeling a tad miffed. I guess I'll just have to listen to some of their cd's. Nothing better than live music though and especially when you know most of the songs and have been singing them for decades, yes I said decades!
So here I sit like a lemon on a Friday night. What the heck happened to going out once in awhile. The kids are old enough to be left on their own for a bit but we still never go out. We only have one theatre in town and it's showing both Twilight movies. I'm not too interested in seeing a teenage vampire romance. Missed the Trooper show :( Can't really afford din…

Fake or real?

I'm flipping through a flyer today and notice something, something I've been noticing alot more of lately. It's how we always have to make something natural into something fake. I'm not sure if this is so someone can make more money or what. It makes me want to scream "Fake Christmas trees are tacky, ugly and so not environmentally friendly!" We think the same thing when we see some old lady who has plastic flowers all over her house. But why do we tolerate fake Christmas trees? And if a few needles in your carpet is your lame excuse for buying a fake tree you should think again. I've seen needles from fake trees in my friend's carpet. Take your smug fake tree attitude and take a close look at what you are really buying into.
Let me set the record straight for everyone. Christmas trees are grown on tree farms. It is illegal to go out and cut trees down, no one does that today. Tree farms are environmentally friendly and make jobs for people.…

I've Lost My Will to Read!

The last of my Christmas orders came today. The only things I need to get is some stocking stuffers for the kids stockings. Those are easy and fun to buy. I've got my husband a small video camera cause he's obsessed with taking video and my new camera only takes still pictures.
My "Pioneer Woman Cooks" cookbook came today and as I was looking through it I knew I wasn't going to keep it. It was meant for my older sister. She's the one who will appreciate all the farming references, horse and dog photos. My older sister used to live in Saskatchewan in a small town amongst the farms. Funny how you buy things and then just know they are for someone else. At least I don't have to buy her a gift for Christmas. She's gonna love that book!
There are so many good things for sale before Christmas that I always end up buying myself stuff and then thinking that someone else would love it more and thus it ends up as a Christmas present. Makes my shopping …

High Expectations

It's been pouring rain here for the last couple of days and totally thwarting my attempts to go outside and take some pictures. So instead I took my son and we went and got our H1N1 and flu shots tonight. I usually get a flu shot but my kids don't mainly because I have to pay for the shot and so would the kids but tonight they were giving both free so we took them both. One in each arm.
Then my husband took my daughter after gymnastics and she got hers too. So now we are all set for the flu season to arrive. Hopefully these shot will stave off the worst flu's and we'll only get mild colds. And those nasty stomach viruses can just stay away entirely cause I refuse to get sick with one of those again.
Anyway I was printing out recipes tonight. This made me wonder why. I mean, I am the worst cook on the planet plus I really don't like to cook. But for some reason I love the idea of cooking. I love to look at recipes and think about making them. I have a stack…


Well I learned something today. I learned that I don't need to install anything on my computer to download the pictures from my new camera. Unfortunately though when you download the pictures the computer likes to hide them where I can't find them. I finally found all the pictures we had taken, pictures we'll delete later cause they were just taken around the house as we learned to use the camera.
So now I know how to use the camera, and can download the pictures to the computer. But the hard part is what to take pictures of. I know you are all waiting for some pictures cause I've been blathering about this stupid camera for awhile now and even promising pictures. It's just now I feel like I have to post something really good, something show stopping. Cause now I have to justify the money I spent on the camera with great pictures. I'm not sure I'm up to the task.
I look at other people's blogs and read their witty fascinating writing and look at …

I'm calling the police!

To start off let me tell you about where we live. We live on a street that has two houses that have no one living in them. One house is right next door to us. The people that own the house kept it after the woman's mother died. I guess they just couldn't sell the house. They do keep it up and come into town every month or so and make sure everything is okay. Their house isn't a problem to live next door too.

On the other side of our house is our messy neighbours who I have posted a couple of pictures of what their yard looks like. And right next door to them is another house that no one lives in. It's a pretty strange house because at the back is a really ramshackle old part then there is an add on middle part and a newer end. So three different additions to this house and all of them pretty crappy. Anyway to get on with the story, I noticed that this house had two windows open. Now you don't want an abandoned house with open windows cause that just attra…

Now I'm Mad

I just heard tonight about something that has me fuming. I know it's not my business and I'm not going to stick my nose in but I just have to get it off my chest. My little sister and her husband are going through a divorce. She is staying with my parents right now while he is living in their house. She is still helping to pay for the house and gives him her cheque of which he gives her an allowance. This isn't even what I'm upset about.
One day while he was at work she went to her house and picked up some of her things. These were things that only belonged to her like her facial care products and things that her boys had given her as gifts. She didn't take anything else from the house. Well he gets all upset and tells everyone she is stealing from him. His mom even e-mails my sister telling her how upset she is about her stealing stuff from her son's house and cleaning out all the towels and stuff from the bathroom. Well most of the stuff in the bathr…

Blog Rock Stars

I've been reading other blogs, big blogs, blogs that make money and everyone knows their names. I don't know why but it kind of ruins their blog a bit for me when I know they are so big and popular and make money off their blog. The next thing they recommend may not be something they actually think is great but something they were given free and they feel they have to advertise. I kinda hate that a bit.
These blogs take on the look of a giant ad with some amusing writing in between. When I started to read these blogs it wasn't for the ads or for the product recommendations. I read these blogs because they wrote fun stuff or stuff I could relate to or stories I liked to read.
I've noticed that what happens when you become a blog rock star is your blog has many ads on it. Then you blog starts to look slick and the quantity and quality of your pictures improves. Then there is the odd product recommendation which quickly speeds up into at least one or more a day. The…

Back up

Ya so, you are still waiting to see pictures taken with my new camera. I know. It's not like it slipped my mind or anything it's just that I have to install something on my computer. Installing anything on this computer is done after much praying. Said computer likes to crash if you so much as ask anything new of it. She's a bit hysterical.
The disc is sitting there. I can see it just in my peripheral vision. I almost installed it today but thought better of it. I have to back up stuff first. Well actually I have to figure out how to back up stuff first. Does anyone back up their stuff on their computer? I've been hearing about it for years but never really bothered cause at the time I had more important things to do. But now that I have videos, pictures and other important stuff on my computer I don't want to lose all that. I do have most of the pictures on discs so that is good but my husband did that and of course there is no rhyme or reason to how h…

Don't Hate Me

Cause I just got a brand new camera! It's a Canon Rebel digital. It has so many bells and whistles on it I'm afraid to touch anything. So far I've got the strap on it after much cussing. I got the battery charged and the SD card inserted. I even got the SD memory card to format. Now if I could just figure out how to look at the pictures once I've taken them.

One would think that the giant screen on the back of the camera would show you your picture after but that would be entirely too easy. So it's back to pushing buttons and reading a 200 page owners manual. Oh how I hate those owners manuals. And the little icons are the worst. You can't even tell what the squiggle is supposed to resemble.

So I promise as soon as I figure out how to take a picture and download it onto the computer I'll share something. Just keep your fingers crossed that my brain cells that are still firing can manage to learn something new.

Oh and the most embarrassing thing ha…

That Something

I am trying to get a jump on all the Christmas shopping by doing it early. I guess it's not too early cause it's already November. So far I've got most of the kid's presents. I just need some stocking stuffers. My family will receive homemade gifts of some sort. I'm still debating whether I have enough time and the skill to knock off a couple of scarfs or mitts. They are simple enough to do but I'd have to relearn the skill and that may not result in quality good enough to give as gifts.
I've got some jam I made and I think some cookies would work too. My husband makes a yummy almond rocca type candy so he'll make that. We have a pizzeli iron so we'll make some of those to give away too.
I just wish I could think of something to give my parents. Parents always have everything they need and if they are of a certain age (late 60's early 70's) they don't need anymore stuff. So the trick is to make them something they can consume in …


So I'm sitting here with nothing exciting to say but I can usually ramble on for awhile to fill up a page. My daughter is coming home from school early tomorrow cause of parent teacher conferences. Lucky for me the teacher is doing her conference by phone so I don't have to go out to the school. I guess the easy kids get the phone treatment and the rest the teacher wants to talk to the parents in person.

And then next Wed. both kids are off for Remembrance Day. These kids don't have one month where they go the entire month. There is always one day or more that they have off during the month. Plus here they have a two week spring break which frankly sucks cause the weather isn't good at that time of year and the kids are bored inside. We don't have enough money to have a holiday and the ski season is over by then so I'm stuck at home with the kids for two weeks every spring. UG!

Halloween went fine although my daughter managed to lose me and I was driving …