High Expectations

It's been pouring rain here for the last couple of days and totally thwarting my attempts to go outside and take some pictures. So instead I took my son and we went and got our H1N1 and flu shots tonight. I usually get a flu shot but my kids don't mainly because I have to pay for the shot and so would the kids but tonight they were giving both free so we took them both. One in each arm.
Then my husband took my daughter after gymnastics and she got hers too. So now we are all set for the flu season to arrive. Hopefully these shot will stave off the worst flu's and we'll only get mild colds. And those nasty stomach viruses can just stay away entirely cause I refuse to get sick with one of those again.
Anyway I was printing out recipes tonight. This made me wonder why. I mean, I am the worst cook on the planet plus I really don't like to cook. But for some reason I love the idea of cooking. I love to look at recipes and think about making them. I have a stack of recipes several inches high sitting on my desk. I keep thinking one day I'll get to them and start to actually cook one or two of them. It hasn't happened yet.
What happens is I start to attempt a new recipe and find that some of the ingredients are rather costly. So then I have to search out another recipe with cheaper ingredients and ones that I can actually find in our local stores. Then I make the recipe and no one likes it. The pictures always look so good and we like all the ingredients but when I mix them all together and cook, it never turns out quite good enough. This totally deflates me.
I'd like to be a good cook, really I would. But I think my expectations are too high. I think I want to cook like a chef. I want the people who eat the food to ohhh and ahhh over it. I want it to taste like heaven. That's usually the description given of what the recipes taste like, "heaven on a plate." And I want those dishes to be healthy, so healthy anyone eating them immediately perks up and glows with good health. That's not too much to ask is it?
So instead I let my husband do the cooking. Tonight he had home made buns with cheese and turkey bacon and some cut up veggies. Oh, and to make it a perfect man meal he picked up french fries to go with. I'm not a big fan of french fries but he seems to think they are necessary for certain meals. My mouth is still watering for roasted garlic soup with cheesy onion bread and roasted squash. I guess I'll have to keep printing out recipes to keep the dream alive cause my taste buds aren't getting any closer to being satisfied.


Capital Mom said…
I think it takes a couple of tries to get a recipe right. And I even then, you need to find a good source for the recipe. I love finding recipes online but then you can never be sure about the source.

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