I got out of the house but only went up to my parents place cause it was my dad's birthday party. At least we had cake. Unfortunately I still feel the same itchy frustration that I can't seem to scratch with anything.
It was a rather sad weekend for me. My daughter's friends are doing that exclusion thing and she's the one being left out. I never did understand why kids do that even when I was a kid I never did that especially to my best friends! So she's at home sad and bored and I'm not much help to her other than to try to find some fun things we can do together. It's too bad my daughter made friends with this bully. This friend used to get mad at my daughter if she played with other girls. She also loves to make sure that my daughter gets left out of things but still calls her "my best friend." That kind of best friend we can all do without.
But being a good mom I'm trying to be impartial and let my daughter make her own decisions. I'm encouraging her to make more friends and not be so upset by her "best friend's mean behavior." That kind of thing always catches up to bite you in the rear so I'm sure she'll get her own pay back at some point.
My neck hurts and my head aches today. I'd love a good massage. Too bad I can't afford one. Begging my husband who will only grudgingly give one is more than my mood can take right now. So pretty much my weekend sucked. I hope everyone else had a much better time than I did.


Kate said…
Ouch that sounds so hard. Hopefully they will grow out of it soon.

Kate xx
Capital Mom said…
I am not looking forward to the exclusion aspects of "friedships". I have already been through that once. Sucks to do it again with the kids.

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