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I've been reading other blogs, big blogs, blogs that make money and everyone knows their names. I don't know why but it kind of ruins their blog a bit for me when I know they are so big and popular and make money off their blog. The next thing they recommend may not be something they actually think is great but something they were given free and they feel they have to advertise. I kinda hate that a bit.
These blogs take on the look of a giant ad with some amusing writing in between. When I started to read these blogs it wasn't for the ads or for the product recommendations. I read these blogs because they wrote fun stuff or stuff I could relate to or stories I liked to read.
I've noticed that what happens when you become a blog rock star is your blog has many ads on it. Then you blog starts to look slick and the quantity and quality of your pictures improves. Then there is the odd product recommendation which quickly speeds up into at least one or more a day. Then said blogger writes a book. Now the book writing bit I can see cause what blogger doesn't want to publish a book?
Sometimes there will be prizes and draws for really cool stuff that companies give these bloggers. Gotta flog the product and prizes always draw in more readers. Pretty soon these blogs turn into something I don't mind reading but they lose some of the flavour that I liked so much before they were rock stars. I guess when everyone knows your name you can't help but act differently. When your blog makes you famous and rich who'd want to stay the same. Change is good.
But I still find blogs that hardly anyone reads that touch me and make me want to come back and get to know that person better. These people blog out their lives without fame or fortune. These people don't blog for the fame or fortune they blog because they have to tell their story.
So to all you people blogging out there in the dark where no one knows your name, blog on sista's and brother's! I'm sure I'll find you some night when I need a good read and I promise when I do I'll even leave a comment for you!


missykimmy said…
Aw I think I know what you're talking about, though I haven't been on blogger for very long. I mean, I don't know that many blogs, so maybe I can't really say. But I do see how a blogger uses his blog for advertisements. It's not so bad as long as there are those other very good blogs with a story to tell. They're usually the most interesting. Yours is one of those. (:
Sparkless said…
Aww well thank you missy. I promise I won't be getting blog rock star status anytime soon with my three wonderful followers.
I get a smile out of your blog too but I hate twitter and can't remember my password to it so never go on anymore or I'd follow you on that too.
Kate said…
Hey I kind of agree I don't like advertising. By the way before you see it and scream there is a prize on my blog but it is not sponsored (I'm buying the prizes myself!) and you don't have to be a follower it's just to try and be nice :p

Hope you are well and sending you some love

Kate x
Sparkless said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sparkless said…
Kate I did see your contest, fun! I didn't have time to do all the questions plus I don't live in the UK but reading the answers was very interesting and amusing.
Your blog always give me a laugh!
Capital Mom said…
That's so nice. Well, thanks for reading me. Although I do have Google ads. I am saving up to buy a latte.
Sparkless said…
CapitalMom I contemplated Google ads too but no one I knew had ever received any money from them. If you manage that latte let me know. A latte is never turned down here, no matter where it comes from.
You're a wonderful writer so hurry up with that book!

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