Well I learned something today. I learned that I don't need to install anything on my computer to download the pictures from my new camera. Unfortunately though when you download the pictures the computer likes to hide them where I can't find them. I finally found all the pictures we had taken, pictures we'll delete later cause they were just taken around the house as we learned to use the camera.
So now I know how to use the camera, and can download the pictures to the computer. But the hard part is what to take pictures of. I know you are all waiting for some pictures cause I've been blathering about this stupid camera for awhile now and even promising pictures. It's just now I feel like I have to post something really good, something show stopping. Cause now I have to justify the money I spent on the camera with great pictures. I'm not sure I'm up to the task.
I look at other people's blogs and read their witty fascinating writing and look at the breathtaking pictures and wonder how do they do it? How do they think of such interesting things to write about and take such awe inspiring pictures?
I was talking to my friend today about just this when she told me 'it's all in the editing.' Like in using a program like photo shop to get your pictures to pop. So now I know one of their secrets but can't afford to buy the program. So I'll just have to regale you with tales of the mountains of British Columbia. Well as soon as I can think of one, that is.
We are still waiting for snow to come and stay here. It's snowed a bit but melted almost as fast as it came. Higher in the mountains you can see the snow. If you get a day when the fog isn't too thick and the clouds aren't too low you can see the mountains decked out in their white winter garb. Coming home from a craft fair on Saturday we could see the snow line just up to where the city starts and then in the areas where the houses started there was no snow.
I really should have brought my camera that day. It was sunny as soon as we got above the fog and on the way up a hill we saw a golden eagle in a tree. On the way down we saw the same golden eagle in a different tree along with a crow. It would have been an amazing picture with the sun and snow in the background. Weird how the eagle and the crow were sitting in the top of this tree together like that. There weren't any other birds around.
Tomorrow I'm taking the camera outside and seeing if I can get a couple of interesting pictures. I just hope it's not raining.


missykimmy said…
Haha I agree! I don't know how other bloggers do it with their fascinating stories and pictures. Makes me realise who I'm dull-y living my life.

Aw I bet now you'll bring your camera everywhere you go. (:

Looking forward to your next post. And I hope it snows. You should take a picture of that. I love snow. Never touched it though. ):
Jordan said…
You don't have to take pictures of amazing things. You can take pictures of really mundane things and then say something witty. Like, if you took your camera to the craft fair, you could say something about the crafts or the craftERS. Or, if you have pets, that always works well. I can't believe I got away with taking a picture of bugs on my floor and making a blog post out of it. Does it get any stupider than that? It's all in the wit.
Sparkless said…
I did once post a picture of a bug, a cricket in my underwear to be exact. LOL!
Thanks Jordan for telling me the other secret, I'm not sure I have the skill to make the mundane interesting but I'll give it a try.

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