Now I'm Mad

I just heard tonight about something that has me fuming. I know it's not my business and I'm not going to stick my nose in but I just have to get it off my chest. My little sister and her husband are going through a divorce. She is staying with my parents right now while he is living in their house. She is still helping to pay for the house and gives him her cheque of which he gives her an allowance. This isn't even what I'm upset about.
One day while he was at work she went to her house and picked up some of her things. These were things that only belonged to her like her facial care products and things that her boys had given her as gifts. She didn't take anything else from the house. Well he gets all upset and tells everyone she is stealing from him. His mom even e-mails my sister telling her how upset she is about her stealing stuff from her son's house and cleaning out all the towels and stuff from the bathroom. Well most of the stuff in the bathroom was my sister's facial creams and stuff. The towels were dirty and in the laundry room she didn't take them.
And then he went and had the locks changed on the house so now she can only get in the house when he is there. He had the locks changed on the house that she owns and everything in that house is half hers. I can't believe he would ever accuse her of stealing and then to have the gall to change the locks!!! I am fuming mad.
If my sister doesn't get a lawyer and soon my head may explode! I'm not going to stick my nose in or give any advise that I'm not asked for cause that's what a good sister does but boy oh boy if he does one more stupid thing to my little sister I may just have to say something to him. He better stop messing with my sister.
Whew! It feels good to get that off my chest.


missykimmy said…
Wow, your sister's future ex-husband is really mean. And childish. It's a good thing they're getting a divorce. I think you're doing the right thing by not saying anything at the moment. But sometimes, you may have to step in even if you haven't been asked for help. For the sake of your little sister. I hope she's doing okay and that everything goes well with the divorce.

She better get the house.

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