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Fake Trees, I don't get it.

Maybe some of you love your fake Christmas trees but I just don't get it. You have to store those things, they wear out and you have to throw them out, thus they are not environmentally friendly. A real tree is grown on a tree farm, is totally recyclable. A real tree smells fresh, a fake one does not unless you buy some spray in a can and spray nasty asthma inducing stuff on it to make it smell good. A real tree drops tons of needles all over but then a fake tree isn't exactly clean either. That's why you have a vacuum. If your vacuum doesn't pick up tree needles then it's not the fault of the tree but the vacuum. Blame the right culprit.

A fake tree just seems like a big old monstrosity that is supposed to look like the real thing. Why not get the real thing? Are we really so time challenged that putting on a few lights takes way too much time than we have? I'd say it takes on average 10 minutes to put on lights for our Christmas tree give or take a f…