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Stage Fright

It kinda feels like I have stage fright.  I have a zillion drafts saved but can't post them.  None of them seem entertaining or good enough.  LOL!   I know, I know, it's not like any of my other posts are great masterpieces.  I just can't seem to hit the post button.

So to break this streak of stage fright I'm going to post and I have nothing to say.  Sure I could rant on about something but why bother.  Sure I could tell you all about every little detail of the things I accomplished in the last few days but why bore you out of your socks.  I could even write a few lines of poetry and pretend to be good at it but who enjoys poetry anymore?

I know what you really want.  I know I'm lacking in this and I have tried to remedy it.  It's just that I really suck at taking pictures.  When I see them on my blog I cringe.  So to remedy this I am posting a random picture from my album.
Here is our Christmas turkey.  Doesn't it look good?!  Makes me want to roast one u…

My Junk Shelf

Here it is a picture of my junk box and shelf.  I thought I only had a box of stuff but looking at the shelf the box is on made me rethink that.  I have a junk shelf in my kitchen.

I pulled out the box and had a look inside.  I really need to clean out that box and shelf soon.  I'll post pictures when I'm done.  I think the box has had it's day and I should get a plastic tote or wicker basket for all that stuff.  Would work better than the crumbling box.  We used to have a table the phone was on.  It was an old metal baby change table.  We kept the box and phone books on the shelf under the phone.  Now the phone is hung on the wall and that metal table is long gone.  That dates that cardboard box to at least 17 years old!!

I wonder what treasures I'll find in that cardboard box?

Off Kilter

This week my kids are off school for exams.  Don't even ask me to explain why they don't go to school while they have their exams.  The grade 8-9's have their exams in class and then get Mon-Wed off and go back on Thursday.  It is their quarter semester break and when they go back they have new electives.  The grade 10-12's would have a week of exams that they write in large sittings in the gym but for some reason this year that isn't happening.  I have no idea what is going on anymore.  Our teachers are on strike, kind of.  Instead of actually being on strike they no longer do a bunch of the work they normally would like giving marks.  We get a report card with only attendance on it.  If you want to know your child's grade you have to email the teacher to get it.  I'm not sure what the point of all this is, I think I'd rather the teachers be on strike and then this would all be over with sooner.  As it is the teachers are getting the same pay for doing…

Slow Time of Year

I'm sure some of you have set goals for the new year.  I like to just hang on a bit before making any goals.  So now I think I have a list of chores/goals that I can actually accomplish in a year.  Here they are in no particular order.

- Put up curtains in the bathroom, our bedroom and my son's bedroom.  The curtains in those rooms right now are just towels

-  Paint the living room, hasn't been done in a long time

-  Clean and organize kitchen and back porch

-  Take out closet in the daughter's room so she has more room in there.  She can use the other closet for her clothes.

-  Clean out basement

-  Clean out storage locker

-  Take a family trip overnight somewhere

-  Add more veggies to the gardens and maybe even a fruit tree

-  Fix the sewing machine

-  Pay down debt and fill up savings account

-  Find a job that actually pays me some money (I will attempt this again but with very little hope of it happening)

-  There are many more goals/chores on my list but this …


I got my first nasty comment from guess who?  Yup Anonymous.  The nasty commenter didn't even dare leave their name for fear of me!  LOL!!!!  And what's really funny is they were saying they didn't know why anyone read my blog.  Hee hee!  I find this very amusing considering it was obvious they were reading my blog!  Why bother with the comment just don't read if you don't like.

And just so you know,  people gutless enough to leave nasty comments without their names, there is a way to track your IP address so be warned you aren't really anonymous.  I can track you down and find you.  Not that I'd bother because whoever it is isn't worth my time or effort.

I will be moderating comments for a bit just to keep this nasty person from trolling here again.  Be gone you nasty troll!

It Always Rains After You Wash Your Car

Do you think this applies to snow too?  Do you think that every time I say I want more snow it will snow kind of like the rain thing but actually something I want?  I didn't think so either until today it snowed.  Only a bit but still everything is white again.  I only know I'm going to keep saying I want more snow and see if it keeps snowing. 

I'll let you know of it goes.

I Miss Snow

I really like winter and snow.  I love being inside all nice and warm watching the snow come down outside.  I love shoveling it and seeing how high the snowbanks get.  This year, nadda.  We've had a touch of snow but I can see my lawn.  It's cold too and without snow cover I'm wonder which of my bushes and plants are going to survive the winter.

I keep checking the long range forecasts and every time it predicts a bit of snow it will also predict rain right after or on the same day so it looks like it's going to stay fairly warm.  The sunny days are nice but I'd really enjoy some snowy ones too.

Who do I complain to about the weather?  I need to file a complaint and take back this unwinter like weather. 

Here's what I'd like it to look like outside my house.  This picture is from 2008 just after a big snowstorm.  Took us awhile to shovel out that foot of snow but we have enough shovels for everyone in our family now so we all go out and get it done.

The Life You Want

I have been contemplating my life, the life I am leading right now.  There are lots of books that help people understand why they got to where they are and how to move on to something they'd like better.  I don't need any of those books though.  I realized that the life I'm living is one I crafted for myself.  If I don't like it then I'm the one to blame.  When I was a teen this is the life I would have picked give or take a few details.  I am married, have a couple of kids, own a home and don't have to wake up early in the morning.  I get to pretty much do whatever I like to do all day long, except for all those pesky chores but I'd have to do those even if I had a job.  What I didn't realize when I was younger was that if you don't work you don't have any money.  And if you stay home to raise your kids people will think you are lazy, and uneducated.  I may be a bit of the first but none of the latter.

Also staying home to be a homemaker means …