Slow Time of Year

I'm sure some of you have set goals for the new year.  I like to just hang on a bit before making any goals.  So now I think I have a list of chores/goals that I can actually accomplish in a year.  Here they are in no particular order.

- Put up curtains in the bathroom, our bedroom and my son's bedroom.  The curtains in those rooms right now are just towels

-  Paint the living room, hasn't been done in a long time

-  Clean and organize kitchen and back porch

-  Take out closet in the daughter's room so she has more room in there.  She can use the other closet for her clothes.

-  Clean out basement

-  Clean out storage locker

-  Take a family trip overnight somewhere

-  Add more veggies to the gardens and maybe even a fruit tree

-  Fix the sewing machine

-  Pay down debt and fill up savings account

-  Find a job that actually pays me some money (I will attempt this again but with very little hope of it happening)

-  There are many more goals/chores on my list but this is the first few that I hope to get done early this year or at least before summer.

The first three things on the list I will get done soon.  I just have to have enough money to buy some fabric for the curtains.  I can sew them up at my parent's house because my mom has a good sewing machine.  Same with the money for some paint.  The organizing of the kitchen I'll do a bit at a time and I have to wait till it's warmed up outside to do the back porch because it's uninsulated and I can't let all the heat out of the house while I go in and out of there.  Much easier to wait till we have warmer weather.  Same thing for cleaning out the basement and storage locker.

I'm also trying to find a template for this blog that I like.   You'll notice that I'm changing them every so often to try new ones.  If one burns your corneas please let me know so I can get rid of it.  Some of them are particularly bright.

So that's the big excitement at my house, nothing, nadda, zippo.  Just thinking about all the things I'd like to do and how to go about doing them.  This is always a slow time of year.  I never really feel caught up until early March after the kids' and the husband's birthdays are over.  Then I can use any bits of extra cash for debts and stash some of it in the savings account.


Mama Pea said…
I think that's a great (also BIG) list. If you want, you could keep us updated as to how it's going. That way, one of us will come poke you with a cattle prod occasionally if we don't think you're moving fast enough! ;o}
Sparkless said…
Thats exactly what I was thinking Mama Pea. Hopefully I can keep at it and having posted it here will keep me working away.
Erin said…
I'm impressed, I haven't made any official goals yet, so maybe I'll make a goal of "not making goals" , then I'm already there! Seriously though, we share the big one: paying down debt and saving some money, I'll be right there with you!
Sparkless said…
Erin I make goals and then never really make much of a dent in them so this year I'm going to write them on the blog and hope that doing that keeps me working on them instead of getting sidetracked on a million other things that pop up.

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