The Life You Want

I have been contemplating my life, the life I am leading right now.  There are lots of books that help people understand why they got to where they are and how to move on to something they'd like better.  I don't need any of those books though.  I realized that the life I'm living is one I crafted for myself.  If I don't like it then I'm the one to blame.  When I was a teen this is the life I would have picked give or take a few details.  I am married, have a couple of kids, own a home and don't have to wake up early in the morning.  I get to pretty much do whatever I like to do all day long, except for all those pesky chores but I'd have to do those even if I had a job.  What I didn't realize when I was younger was that if you don't work you don't have any money.  And if you stay home to raise your kids people will think you are lazy, and uneducated.  I may be a bit of the first but none of the latter.

Also staying home to be a homemaker means you can be isolated from other people and the world.  Unless your partner makes a very good wage you don't get to go anywhere and your kids don't get to enjoy all the wonderful sports and activities you'd like them to experience.  There is a cost to every choice in life.

I guess there is no perfect life and there will always be hardship no matter what path you pick.  I certainly know that marriage is no day at the park and is full of ups and downs.  Being a parent is both wonderful and horrible all at once.  At the end of the day you should feel satisfied and loved.  You shouldn't feel discontented or unloved most of the time.  Those should only be your bad days and those should be less than 50% of your life.  If those days become too many your life is out of balance and it's hard work to get back into balance. 

Not only do you have to change what you do but you have to drag your entire family along for the ride.  They are not always willing participants in this balancing.  They can make things very difficult but your happy face should be all they need to know that it's all good.  Because having a family should mean they want what is best for you and want you to be happy and will help you to get there. 

These deep thoughts were brought on by the new year of course.  I was thinking about what things I'd like to change in my life.  Some things will be easy like getting a comfy chair for our living room and others like finding a job may take much more hard work. 

What I really want for 2012 is to feel that satisfaction and love more often.  And that's what I hope 2012 brings to you too.


Mama Pea said…
They say a realistic analysis of the situation is half the battle. (I.e., defining what the problem is.) That may be so, but the last half of figuring out what can be done and then implementing same is the HARD part.

Sincere wishes to you, Bloggy Friend, that 2012 brings you the life you want!
Erin said…
I hope you are able to balance things out a bit more in 2012, it's something we all need to do since it's all to easy to let things get out of whack!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea I so agree the implementing is the hard part but sometimes it's the not recognizing the problem correctly that bogs one down. I am a work in progress.

Erin balance is key, I think, to a happy life. I kept thinking of things in one way but if you turn it just a bit it looks totally different. I need to turn my view a bit to gain my balance again.

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