Stage Fright

It kinda feels like I have stage fright.  I have a zillion drafts saved but can't post them.  None of them seem entertaining or good enough.  LOL!   I know, I know, it's not like any of my other posts are great masterpieces.  I just can't seem to hit the post button.

So to break this streak of stage fright I'm going to post and I have nothing to say.  Sure I could rant on about something but why bother.  Sure I could tell you all about every little detail of the things I accomplished in the last few days but why bore you out of your socks.  I could even write a few lines of poetry and pretend to be good at it but who enjoys poetry anymore?

I know what you really want.  I know I'm lacking in this and I have tried to remedy it.  It's just that I really suck at taking pictures.  When I see them on my blog I cringe.  So to remedy this I am posting a random picture from my album.
Here is our Christmas turkey.  Doesn't it look good?!  Makes me want to roast one up and do it all over again.

There I think I may only have a few butterflies now.


Mama Pea said…
You are one silly woman! Now go start posting some of those million-and-one drafts you think aren't worthy of posting. Your blog is your blog to post what you want on it. If we're bored to tears, we'll stop reading. Personally, I'm ALWAYS eager to read a new post from you and never find it boring in the least. (Gotta admit I've never been too fond of poetry though. ;o])

P.S. That turkey looks better than any one I'VE ever roasted. Mmmmm-mm!
Erin said…
Stage fright...LOL! You are among friends here so feel free to post away! Of course we want pics, we always want pics.... so demanding :) That turkey looks amazing by the way. Remember it's YOUR blog, and writing whatever suits you is what makes you unique. I make it a point to not follow those blogs with massive followings, ads and no commenting going on because I have to wonder what the ulterior motive is, probably marketing for some other business they have. I know for me blogging is very therapeutic, and I love writing, even though lots of my posts are boring, so what LOL! Journaling by hand is nice, but I know I wouldn't keep up with it, and I'd also miss the friendships and advice that come with blogging. Chin up, girlfriend! :)
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea I promise not to post poetry. LOL!

Erin, thanks. Now where are all your blog posts cause I'm missing reading about you, garden and those boys and dogs of yours.

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