My Junk Shelf

Here it is a picture of my junk box and shelf.  I thought I only had a box of stuff but looking at the shelf the box is on made me rethink that.  I have a junk shelf in my kitchen.

I pulled out the box and had a look inside.  I really need to clean out that box and shelf soon.  I'll post pictures when I'm done.  I think the box has had it's day and I should get a plastic tote or wicker basket for all that stuff.  Would work better than the crumbling box.  We used to have a table the phone was on.  It was an old metal baby change table.  We kept the box and phone books on the shelf under the phone.  Now the phone is hung on the wall and that metal table is long gone.  That dates that cardboard box to at least 17 years old!!

I wonder what treasures I'll find in that cardboard box?


Mama Pea said…
You gave us a great "before" shot. Now let's see the "after!" I'll bet each shelf won't even be half full!
Sparkless said…
LOL! Mama Pea as soon as I get to it I will post an after shot. I've got several things on the go right now and haven't got a chance to clean off that shelf and box.
Erin said…
I have a box like that too, on top of the microwave I haven't used in a decade LOL! A basket would be a pretty idea, can't wait to see it!

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