I got my first nasty comment from guess who?  Yup Anonymous.  The nasty commenter didn't even dare leave their name for fear of me!  LOL!!!!  And what's really funny is they were saying they didn't know why anyone read my blog.  Hee hee!  I find this very amusing considering it was obvious they were reading my blog!  Why bother with the comment just don't read if you don't like.

And just so you know,  people gutless enough to leave nasty comments without their names, there is a way to track your IP address so be warned you aren't really anonymous.  I can track you down and find you.  Not that I'd bother because whoever it is isn't worth my time or effort.

I will be moderating comments for a bit just to keep this nasty person from trolling here again.  Be gone you nasty troll!


Mama Pea said…
Hahaha, sometimes you've just gotta laugh (and shake your head) at us human beasties!
Erin said…
Good old "anonymous"! My favorites are the search engines that hit on random words and then generate a robot comment that makes no sense like "Your garden is nice you need a great mattress"... LMAO!
Sparkless said…
I figure you aren't a blogger until you've had your first nasty comment.

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