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I'm Not Speaking English

Or at least that's what I feel like today.  I thought I spoke clearly and made my point.  Now several people are upset, not with me but I'm involved in the chaos just the same.  Do you ever meet people who just generate chaos all the time?  I usually try to avoid those people but sometimes that isn't possible and I actually have to work with them.  Now it takes a lot to rattle my cage and I don't take offense easily so today when I phoned this certain person and found out what had been going on I was truly speechless.

I really didn't know what to say to him because he had manufactured the whole drama all on his own.  So I just said "uh."  This I'm sure wasn't a satisfactory answer.  I'm sure he wanted me to calm him and say everything will be okay.  But dang it he was the one who started the whole ball rolling and got me involved in the first place.  I'd have been fine staying out of the whole mess.  And now my name is associated with it a…

I Feel Like a Flat Tire

And I wish it were because I'd lost weight and was deflating but that's not it at all.  I feel all empty and floppy.  My brain doesn't work well either.  I totally blanked on my bank card number today and that has never happened before.  I actually had to get the card out to see the number.
The sound I make is like the flap of soft rubber on cement, fwap, fwap, fwap.  Or maybe that's more like a fish out of water?  I don't know but I don't like it.  It's not the weather either.  I don't blame things on the weather... well maybe if it's really hot I get cranky but that's not weather that's heat.  See I don't even make sense anymore.
It started with my not getting anything done.  I made a to do list.  The list stayed the same for several days.  That made me depressed to look at so I threw it away.  The things on my list are still waiting to get done.  I get up each day ready and prepared to do these things but somehow or other the day gets…

My Aching Bones

My parents are in their seventies.  They are both healthy but not as spry as they once were.  They have a rather large yard and garden.  My mom can't do much gardening anymore since her hip replacement. All that bending is painful for her.  My dad has allergies and sometimes breathing difficulty.  They have a rather large vegetable garden.  I never really thought it was that large until today when we went up to help them clean it out.  I brought both the kids, my older sister came and my dad helped.  Mom did as much as she could, mostly directing the kids as to what they needed to pull out and what had to stay.

The vegetable garden had become overgrown with weeds and although the plants still produced fairly well it made it difficult to clean the garden out.  I should have taken before and after pictures but it totally slipped my mind.  I'll try to take a picture the next time I'm up there. 

We were only there for a couple of hours helping but both kids were worn out and s…

Diet Books

There are so many diets out there it is mind boggling.  The newest thing is to cut out pretty much everything that is a carb and eat meat and veggies.  People actually do this and when they finally eat a carb they complain how their stomach expands. Think about it.  Carbs are harder to digest, take more time and thus produce more gas.  That is not necessarily a bad thing because oatmeal is a carb and very good for you.  It takes a long time to digest and is good for your blood sugars if you don't load it up with sugar.  If you haven't eaten a carb for months and then start to your body will have an adjustment phase.  It's not rocket science nor is it evil unless you have an actual disease and can't digest gluten.
Speaking of evil, sugar is now the new evil.  Sugar in all it's forms is to be avoided at all costs in fear of depressing your immunity to illness or getting the dreaded diabetes.  Not having any sugar is going to depress me more I can tell you!  Have thes…


Well I got the camera to download the pictures, finally!  So here are some pictures of stuff.

Tomatoes before ripping them out for winter.

Carrots and lettuce before cleaning out for winter.

 Both raised beds cleaned out for winter and some chicken wire over them to keep the cats from using them as their cat boxes.  I want to add a nice layer of mulch over these too but need some leaves.

Remember when the neighbour's yard was all dug up?  This is what it looks like now.  The big tree in the back is gone and so are all the other bushes and plants but they did add some more back in. 

This is what the old grape vine looked like.  It's dead in this picture because they dug up the roots.

Here's what that area looks like now.  You can't see but they planted two new grape vines and there is one concord grape vine at the end that survived the digging.  Weird thing though that the concord vine didn't produce a single grape this year.  It should have had some grapes set way be…

This and That

I don't know how many times I've started a post and then had to leave to get something done.  By the time I come back and read what I wrote I don't like it and delete it.  So I'm going to attempt to get a post up at 11:30pm.  Now that the family is all tucked in bed no one will be able to bother me or need the computer.

I got my raised beds cleaned out today and got the strawberry plants moved to their permanent home.  I really need to find something to mulch them with.  No farms around here so straw is hard to come by but leaves should work.  Problem is we don't really have any trees in our yard so no leaves.  I'm not sure what our neighbours would think if we went and raked their yard and took away all the leaves.  LOL!  I guess we could ask but I think I'll check at my parents house first.  Don't want the neighbours thinking we are total nut jobs.

I'd like to post a couple of pictures but I can't get them to download off the camera.  Usually …