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I don't know how many times I've started a post and then had to leave to get something done.  By the time I come back and read what I wrote I don't like it and delete it.  So I'm going to attempt to get a post up at 11:30pm.  Now that the family is all tucked in bed no one will be able to bother me or need the computer.

I got my raised beds cleaned out today and got the strawberry plants moved to their permanent home.  I really need to find something to mulch them with.  No farms around here so straw is hard to come by but leaves should work.  Problem is we don't really have any trees in our yard so no leaves.  I'm not sure what our neighbours would think if we went and raked their yard and took away all the leaves.  LOL!  I guess we could ask but I think I'll check at my parents house first.  Don't want the neighbours thinking we are total nut jobs.

I'd like to post a couple of pictures but I can't get them to download off the camera.  Usually I just plug it in and off it goes all on it's own but of course somebody has messed with the computer so that isn't happening.  I tried a couple of other things and they didn't work either so I'm stumped for now.  I'll look at it again tomorrow and see if the husband has any good ideas.

I'm going to make some potato leek soup tomorrow.  That should be good for my cold.  I think I'll fry up a bit of bacon to sprinkle on top of it and have it with some home made bread.  I've got a butternut squash ordered from a local organic company.  They buy as much local produce as they can and list where it's from and whether it's fully certified organic or not.  They deliver your order to your house and although it's a bit more expensive than grocery store fruit and veggies the quality beats anything in the grocery store so I figure it's worth the few extra dollars.

And I'm trying to get the husband to make up his special sauce so we can make a few lasagnas to put in the freezer.  I have some roma tomatoes coming in my order too so we can use those in the sauce and some spinach too.

I want to get the freezer packed with some meals so I'm not always fumbling around at the last minute trying to find something to cook.  It's so much easier if you just cook extra and throw a few meals in the freezer for later.  I'd like to have some frozen pizzas in there too cause I can't seem to make them like the husband can so if he made them I could freeze them and then I don't have to listen to the kids whine when they find out I'm making the pizza.  LOL!

I didn't think anyone was going to interrupt me but I forgot about the cats.  One is scratching at the back door to go out so I'll end this for tonight.


Mama Pea said…
Glad you managed to get this post up! Sounds as if you got a really good day in the garden yesterday. I need to get out there myself today. Even though I didn't grow much else, the weeds seem to be making a last ditch effort to divide and multiply so I need to stop that but quick!

We must be on the same wave length. I need to restock ready-to-go meals in the freezer, too.
Erin said…
I thought I was so slick last month with all my freezer meals, problem was I didn't keep it up and we ate them all, now I'm finding that I don't want to cook LOL. Leaves are awesome mulch, I steal the neighbors bags of leaves, sometimes I'll see a bag and stop the car and put them in, and they kids say "oh, MO-OMMMM!"
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea Oct is supposed to be very rainy so we got as many of the outside jobs done. Usually we won't put away the chairs and sunshade until the end of Oct.

Erin that is always the problem with freezer meals, they get eaten and you have to make more. I'm laughing about your leaf stealing. I need to take that up too.

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