Well I got the camera to download the pictures, finally!  So here are some pictures of stuff.

Tomatoes before ripping them out for winter.

Carrots and lettuce before cleaning out for winter.

 Both raised beds cleaned out for winter and some chicken wire over them to keep the cats from using them as their cat boxes.  I want to add a nice layer of mulch over these too but need some leaves.

Remember when the neighbour's yard was all dug up?  This is what it looks like now.  The big tree in the back is gone and so are all the other bushes and plants but they did add some more back in. 

This is what the old grape vine looked like.  It's dead in this picture because they dug up the roots.

Here's what that area looks like now.  You can't see but they planted two new grape vines and there is one concord grape vine at the end that survived the digging.  Weird thing though that the concord vine didn't produce a single grape this year.  It should have had some grapes set way before the digging started so I'm not sure why there was no grapes on it this year.  The vine that was killed had plenty of grapes on it.

So those are some of the pictures I've been meaning to post for awhile.  I wish I could find the ones of the back when the digging was going on.  You could see the tree that was taken out.  It was an old crab apple tree.  It seems so open in that yard now and I'm always surprised how I can see so many yards and houses now. 


Erin said…
You really ended up with a nicely sized little garden this year, you've been keeping it mostly a secret!
Sparkless said…
Erin my garden is very small. I think those two raised beds are only about 5ft long and one is 3ft wide the other is only 2ft wide. Not a huge area but gives us some clean soil to grow root crops in.

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