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There are so many diets out there it is mind boggling.  The newest thing is to cut out pretty much everything that is a carb and eat meat and veggies.  People actually do this and when they finally eat a carb they complain how their stomach expands. Think about it.  Carbs are harder to digest, take more time and thus produce more gas.  That is not necessarily a bad thing because oatmeal is a carb and very good for you.  It takes a long time to digest and is good for your blood sugars if you don't load it up with sugar.  If you haven't eaten a carb for months and then start to your body will have an adjustment phase.  It's not rocket science nor is it evil unless you have an actual disease and can't digest gluten.
Speaking of evil, sugar is now the new evil.  Sugar in all it's forms is to be avoided at all costs in fear of depressing your immunity to illness or getting the dreaded diabetes.  Not having any sugar is going to depress me more I can tell you!  Have these authors and diet gurus never heard of moderation?  And those 8 glasses of water or more you are supposed to drink every day in fear of becoming deydrated has been found by experts to not be necessary.  It's actually bad for your kidneys to drink too much water.  If you eat properly and drink a few glasses of water then guess what?  You will be fine.  There is water in food and even in that cup of tea or coffee that your drank.  That apple, mostly water.  That salad, mostly water.  Those 10 classes of water you drank and then spent most of the day in the washroom, not good for you.  Unless you are sweating profusely or are ill,  drink when you are thirsty, that is all you need do.  Wow!
There seems to be an endless line of health gurus selling us so called new diets every day.  When you read the book or hear about the "new diet" it's always a disappointment because it's always the same thing.  Eat less, work out more and low and behold you will lose weight. 
Are we really so stupid that we keep buying diet and health books.  Our bodies haven't changed and our nutrition needs are pretty much the same so why do we keep buying books on the newest diet crazies like they have something new to say that we haven't read a million times before.
Let me tell you  a secret for free.  If a food doesn't agree with you avoid it or eat it rarely.  If you need to lose weight eat less and exercise more, it's a simple equation and doesn't change no matter how many gurus tell you they have the secret to losing weight, they lie.  What they really want is for us to keep buying their books so they can make a buck and part you from your hard earned money. 
The only way to find good health is to eat it.  It's what you do not what you read that will set you on the path to eating right.  You don't need to buy a book unless you can eat it.  Simply eat low fat meats mostly, lots of veggies of all different colours, the freshest fruit, dairy if you can digest it,  healthy carbs and enjoy your food.  It's what's keeping you alive.  If you aren't enjoying what you are eating then what's the point in that? 
Now I'm off to take my own advise and eat a beautiful apple that is mostly water and sugar with a dollop of fibre for good measure. YUM!  And no, I am no diet guru so please feel free to ignore this post entirely and carry on.


Mama Pea said…
Geesh, you're SO darn sensible! (Tee-hee!)

If all these "fat-free" artificial foods out there worked, wouldn't everyone be thin? Common sense rules the day. As you've so succinctly put it, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Good post.
Erin said…
The sugar thing really gets to me. Right from the start I distrusted anything except pure sugar. Splenda? WTH?? Yep I agree, enjoy natural things, everything in moderation and we'll be fine!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea if only I could eat sensible all the time. Oh well we do eat much better than most people I know.
Erin I used to drink my coffee, my one cup of coffee a day, with Splenda but I never felt well afterwards. I decided a bit of sugar wasn't that bad and a splash of milk. At least I enjoy that one cup instead of getting a stomach ache after drinking it. I pretty much drink water the rest of the day and it's tap water too!

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