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The Plot Thickens

We thought it was all over.  Nope.  The next day a police officer shows up at our door.  This is the second time.  Oh, and the first officer was not my husband's ex-coworkers sister but the second one was.  We had already given the first officer permission to look in our daughter's bedroom or around our home which she said wasn't necessary and it was enough that we voluntarily offered this.  She was the one who phoned later asking for my daughter's name and birth date.  I'm thinking they were looking her up to see if she has any record or been involved in anything the police have on record which of course she hasn't been.

Anyway this police officer who is the sister of the ex-coworker almost knocks our door down banging on it so loud.  It was also 8:30am and I was still in bed sleeping, well trying to sleep because I had a hard time sleeping all night because of being accused of theft.  The husband answers the door and she says shes there to search.  We have re…

And It Just Keeps Coming!

Like we aren't dealing with enough crap already hear what happened to us tonight.  The contact lens place messed up the daughter's contacts and my husband's too and that is going to cost us money.  They refuse to reimburse my husband and take the contacts back even though it was their error.  The daughter was trying contacts for the first time so the Dr. ordered her a trial pair.  Seems the women at the desk don't know what they are doing because they just ordered the contacts and not a trial pair.  The daughter had to make another appointment to have them teach her to take care of and put her contacts in and take them out properly.  The Optometrist said we didn't need an appointment for this.  ARG!  Oh,a and they are charging us $100 to fit the contacts. 

So the husband and I were discussing how bad this place is and we hear someone knocking at our back door.  The husband opens it and finds someone he used to work with out there saying that her daughter's cel…

OMG! Not Again!

Why does our stupid toilet always stop working when my stupid husband is at work and my kids have friends over?  We have to deal with this regularly and I am so done with this!!!!!!!

I have to tell my son and his friend that our only toilet is out of commission.  This boy is staying here over night and the husband doesn't get home until after 10pm.  Can you hold it for over 3 hours boys cause our toilet doesn't work and I've already tried to plunge it with no luck.  Of course the husband thinks he bought a good plunger but it's really just a cheap piece of junk that doesn't work unless you have lots of upper body strength and I don't have enough.  Not to mention that it splashes nasty water all over you and the floor when you try to use it.

I was in a bad mood already and I can tell you I am about to rip someone's head off for this.  I want to take a sledge hammer to this toilet and get a plumber in to fix the bathroom so we don't have to deal with this…

I Am Enough

It seems the internet is full of people telling us who and how we should be.  If you listen you can hear them tell you that you aren't skinny enough, your aren't pretty enough, you aren't smart enough, you aren't stylish enough, you don't work hard enough, you aren't happy enough, you aren't thankful enough, you aren't good enough.  The list is endless and exhausting.

We can't all be the same and who the heck would want that anyway?  Lets stop telling everyone what's wrong with them and why they aren't enough and instead be supportive and loving.  Lets not blame the blind person for being blind the sick person for being sick or the poor person for being poor.  I'm tired of all the strident voices bragging about how hard they worked to get where they are and if you weren't so stupid/lazy/ or whatever you could be just perfect like them.  In other words your life must be just like their life and you should be able to do exactly what th…

Newest Drama

The daughter comes to me tonight and tells me that some of her friends and her want to go to a concert in Kelowna in April.  The daughter has a job and her own money so can afford to pay her own way.  She said she wasn't sure just yet how they were getting there but would she be able to go?  Of course she can go I just need to know details of how they are getting there and where they are staying.

So she goes off all happy.  She'll be 18 by then so why would I tell her no and she can pay for herself.  But then the bottom has to fall out of course like it always does.  Seems that three of her friends all got tickets to go already.  One friend's mom bought the tickets and one of them is a Christmas gift for one of the girls. Now the daughter won't be able to get seats with them and doesn't want to go to a concert and sit by herself so now it's off.  Another of her friends is going with her mom and boyfriend.  I don't have the money to take her all the way to K…

Oh, Please

Some days are almost too hard.  Do you find yourself at the end of a day begging for something good to happen so that you can concentrate on that instead of all the bad things you've had to manage?  Well, that's me today.

We have to go farther into debt to fix the fan on our car so we can defog and defrost the windows this winter.  The husband should have got this fixed this summer when he should have also got the a/c fixed but he didn't.  He figured it would be better to wait until just before Christmas and do it after he made his wife attempt to drive with fogged up windows.  I had no choice either, I had to drive the daughter to work and back.

The son had two job interviews last week.  The one woman told him he was the best candidate for the job she had.  She said several other positive things to him and then never phones him back.  His other job interview also never called him back.  So no job for him.

The husband's pay was very small this time.  I'm not sure h…

Cold and Damp

Well we have $47 to last until next Friday for food and everything.  I'm seriously ready to toss in the towel.  We don't go out to eat, don't waste money and do pretty much everything to save a buck and still are struggling to make ends meet.  It sucks, it just totally sucks.  I am now going through my stuff to see if we can sell of few items.  Unfortunately we don't own anything that is worth selling and the things we do own that are worth selling we use and don't want to sell.  I guess we'll survive somehow.  It's highly unlikely that we'll starve to death but the long term stress may just do me in anyway.

The son had two job interviews last week.  The last one was for a local pizza place and he really wanted that job.  The woman told him he was the best candidate and that she would check his one single reference and phone him the next day.  She never phoned him back.  I know you are all saying he should phone her but it's a minimum wage job in a …