The Plot Thickens

We thought it was all over.  Nope.  The next day a police officer shows up at our door.  This is the second time.  Oh, and the first officer was not my husband's ex-coworkers sister but the second one was.  We had already given the first officer permission to look in our daughter's bedroom or around our home which she said wasn't necessary and it was enough that we voluntarily offered this.  She was the one who phoned later asking for my daughter's name and birth date.  I'm thinking they were looking her up to see if she has any record or been involved in anything the police have on record which of course she hasn't been.

Anyway this police officer who is the sister of the ex-coworker almost knocks our door down banging on it so loud.  It was also 8:30am and I was still in bed sleeping, well trying to sleep because I had a hard time sleeping all night because of being accused of theft.  The husband answers the door and she says shes there to search.  We have repeatedly asked how accurate this tracker is and the police keep telling us it's very accurate and is the one they use to find 911 calls.  But it's not accurate because the phone is not at our house.  So I'm feeling very lied to from the police now.

The husband tells the police officer that she is welcome to search outside in our yard but not in the house because his wife is still asleep.  He offers to help her search and they go outside and look around.  They find nothing and she says she's off to look around the highway underpass about a half a block from our home.  Obviously she knows these trackers aren't accurate or they would have a reason to search our home.  We already consented to have a search done which the officer did not think was necessary so we aren't going to let this ex-coworkers cop sister search our home.

So far we haven't had anyone back to our house and I hope that's the end of it because I know 100% that my daughter did not steal that phone.  When she went to work I even had a look around her room even though I knew I wouldn't find it.  I just wanted to be 100% sure it wasn't there because the police officers kept telling us how accurate the tracker was which was a total lie.

The husband and I are already stressed to the max about money and we don't need this.  So the husband took an overtime shift today but he ended up having to come home because he had a dizzy spell.  He's had this before and he gets dizzy and nauseous.  His Dr. checked and couldn't find any reason for it so it's probably just an inner ear thing.  Most likely it's made worse when he doesn't get enough sleep or is stressed.  I hope he can make it to work on his regular days or he'll be using up all his sick time when he's not technically sick just unable to work because he could fall or get sick or even drop a resident while he's helping one of them.

One good thing is the car is now fixed, well the fan is so we can defrost our car properly.  I'm hanging onto that cause it's all I've got right now.


Birdie said…
What a mess all of this is! This must be very stressful for your daughter. :-(
Sparkless said…
Birdie, thanks, it is a bit of a mess and all brought on by a stupid trouble maker woman who wants to get the husband into trouble. It's just pathetic that she would go after someone's child. Why are some people so vindictive? I just hope she gets back what she dishes out and Karma catches up to her. The daughter was pretty upset about it but seems to have recovered so hopefully it's over and we can get on with all the other crappy things going on. LOL!

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