Cold and Damp

Well we have $47 to last until next Friday for food and everything.  I'm seriously ready to toss in the towel.  We don't go out to eat, don't waste money and do pretty much everything to save a buck and still are struggling to make ends meet.  It sucks, it just totally sucks.  I am now going through my stuff to see if we can sell of few items.  Unfortunately we don't own anything that is worth selling and the things we do own that are worth selling we use and don't want to sell.  I guess we'll survive somehow.  It's highly unlikely that we'll starve to death but the long term stress may just do me in anyway.

The son had two job interviews last week.  The last one was for a local pizza place and he really wanted that job.  The woman told him he was the best candidate and that she would check his one single reference and phone him the next day.  She never phoned him back.  I know you are all saying he should phone her but it's a minimum wage job in a pizza place, it's not in a place where you are trying to network and climb the job ladder.  She either gave him false hope or the guy he worked for gave him a bad reference and that would make me really angry.    The only things you are legally allowed to say about a past employee is how long they worked for you and anything else that you have documentation about.  You can't give an opinion about the person because that could harm his or her job prospects.   My son just really, really needs a job and to get out of the house.  He's almost 20 years old and I just want to sit down and cry worrying about him.

The daughter is still working at her job but I've stopped asking her about it and just ask if she had a good day.  She is not good with doing math in her head and makes mistakes so hopefully she isn't making too many mistakes and keeps her job.

The husband tries to work at least one overtime shift on his days off because they have been calling out a lot of overtime lately and he has to take it when it's available.  No jobs for me that I can find.  I've done up a resume but it's so pathetic because I haven't worked at a paying job for 0ver 20 years.  I've never worked in a restaurant or fast food place so am not going to apply for any of those jobs.  I'm too old to do that kind of work and be on my feet all day.  I'm not even sure I could stand up all day with my back problems.

It's been cold an rainy here and our car fan doesn't work well.  It takes forever to defog the windows when they fog up.  We can't afford to get it fixed and that means pretty soon we won't be able to drive because we won't be able to get the frost off the windows when it gets really cold or snows.  Maybe we'll luck out and get the really warm winter they are predicting for us.  That will mean another winter with almost no snow.  Normally I'd be sad about that but I guess I'll have to count my blessing where I get them, few and far between, though they may be.

I think I'll go to bed now because tomorrow is a whole new day and maybe something good will happen.  There's always hope.


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