I Am Enough

It seems the internet is full of people telling us who and how we should be.  If you listen you can hear them tell you that you aren't skinny enough, your aren't pretty enough, you aren't smart enough, you aren't stylish enough, you don't work hard enough, you aren't happy enough, you aren't thankful enough, you aren't good enough.  The list is endless and exhausting.

We can't all be the same and who the heck would want that anyway?  Lets stop telling everyone what's wrong with them and why they aren't enough and instead be supportive and loving.  Lets not blame the blind person for being blind the sick person for being sick or the poor person for being poor.  I'm tired of all the strident voices bragging about how hard they worked to get where they are and if you weren't so stupid/lazy/ or whatever you could be just perfect like them.  In other words your life must be just like their life and you should be able to do exactly what they did although you aren't the same person  nor do you live with the same circumstances or abilities.

The other day I was reading a blog about why this woman became a Vegan.  She was so sure she was right about her decision and just to make sure she was right she had to convince you that being anything but a Vegan was unethical, cruel and just plain wrong.   UG!  I get it, for her being a Vegan is an ethical choice, great, good for you.  But you don't get to make that choice for anyone else and you don't need to tell everyone else that they are wrong, well technically you can but you sure won't earn any friends other than a couple of Vegans and you may even alienate them.

And now we have Paris.  All the voices arguing over what is right and who is right and what people should believe.  Lets all just agree that killing people is about the worst way ever to make your point or get what you want.  And like that isn't bad enough we have all the people who are using the Paris attacks to jam their own agendas down the throat of everyone else.  We are now supposed to feel badly because we aren't attending enough to every attack that kills people.  Personally I don't want to read about any of these attacks no matter who or how many have been killed and why not because I'm a racist but because I'm depressed enough already.

And the news is full of stories of Canadian Muslims being abused and yelled at to go back to their own country when they were actually born in Canada.  None of us can actually claim all our ancestors came from Canada not even the aboriginal people who were thought to come to Canada from the land bridge between Russia and Alaska.  Ya, even they didn't spring from the soil in Canada but came here from somewhere else, as did all the rest of us. 

So I'm not really sure where I was going with all of this but it always seems to end up being about someone not being good enough.  Well guess what?  I am good enough so there!  And you are good enough too unless you murder people then you are definitely not good enough.  And now I'm off to sleep cause I've stopped making sense cause it's so late.


You are absolutely right, Sparkless! And wouldn't the world change so much for the better if everyone just accepted everyone else for who they are?
Birdie said…
It is all exhausting. All of it. We are told over and over that we are never enough.

OK. This is a joke and I apologize to vegans in advance.
How do you know when you meet a vegan?
They tell you.

My Brother in Law and Step Daughter are both vegans and I love them both forever and ever. The joke is funny though. ;-)
Sparkless said…
Debra, you are so right. The world would be so much better if we could all just accept people for who they are.

Birdie, I am exhausted trying to be whatever it is I am supposed to be and I've forgotten who I really am. Maybe that's what being over 50 does to you. You are starting a new stage of life and have to reinvent yourself. I wonder what I'll be tomorrow?
Sorry for picking on Vegans, most of them are very nice it was just this one blog I read and this woman going on about how everyone who ate meat was wrong and evil that got me going on Vegans.

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