And It Just Keeps Coming!

Like we aren't dealing with enough crap already hear what happened to us tonight.  The contact lens place messed up the daughter's contacts and my husband's too and that is going to cost us money.  They refuse to reimburse my husband and take the contacts back even though it was their error.  The daughter was trying contacts for the first time so the Dr. ordered her a trial pair.  Seems the women at the desk don't know what they are doing because they just ordered the contacts and not a trial pair.  The daughter had to make another appointment to have them teach her to take care of and put her contacts in and take them out properly.  The Optometrist said we didn't need an appointment for this.  ARG!  Oh,a and they are charging us $100 to fit the contacts. 

So the husband and I were discussing how bad this place is and we hear someone knocking at our back door.  The husband opens it and finds someone he used to work with out there saying that her daughter's cell phone was stolen and the tracker says it's at our address.  She asks if we can ask our daughter if she's picked up the phone (she means took or stole the phone).  We call the daughter and ask her in front of the woman and of course the daughter doesn't have the phone.  So this woman asks if we know anyone else with kids around and we say there isn't any very close.  She goes away.

After supper I notice she's standing in front of our house for a very long time.  I figure she's phoning the police on us.  The husband tells me to not be paranoid.  Well a few minutes later a police officer shows up at our door.  She says the phone is tracked to within 60 feet of our house.  She asks our daughter if she can check her backpack and coat to see if anyone put it in her bag (all of this so they can say they didn't accuse her of stealing when in fact they really are).  The officer says the phone should be making a noise when they track it so we tell her she is free to check upstairs and anywhere she likes because the phone isn't in our home because our daughter doesn't steal.  The officer says that offering this is good enough and she believes us and that she has no concerns.  Later I get a call from the officer asking for my daughter's first name.  I ask why she needs this info and she says just for the paperwork to say they have no concerns but then she asks for her birth date also.  I am of course calm and polite because I know better than messing with police especially when she is the sister of the psycho woman my husband used to work with.

The reason this is all so weird is this woman and the husband had a bit of a problem at work.  The woman thought that the husband should have done something she was asking him to do when he was explaining why he wasn't going to do it which all made perfect sense but because he said they had already taken care of the matter and didn't need to do anything else she got all upset and reported him to the boss.  Then this woman went around telling staff members that the husband was in trouble.  Not only is that unprofessional but just a total jerk move.  When the husband gets to work a bunch of his co-workers tell him he's in trouble which is news to him.  He gets called into the head nurse's office and this woman who reported him is blubbering like a baby.  She's playing the crying woman card.  The husband explains his reasoning and that he wasn't rude, didn't yell and only tried to reason with the woman.  The husband has worked at his job for over 20 years and this woman hasn't worked there nearly as long.  The husband is also not the type to stir up trouble or upset people so the boss was puzzled about the whole thing in the first place because the way the woman told the story the husband was rude and yelled at her which he didn't.  After she got out of the meeting another worker saw her throw something and say she wanted to be out of that sh*t hole. 

This woman also stirred up all the shift changes at work and then just after the changes went through and everyone was upset she left to work in the hospital instead of in the extended care unit.  Ya, this woman knows how to manipulate things.  She's all sweet and nice to your face but stabs people in the back.  So you can see it gets a bit weird that this woman shows up at our door saying this.  Oh, and just to make the whole story a bit stranger this woman has a sister who is a police officer.  Ya, the same one that came to our house. 

Then later around 10:45pm I see a person come into our yard and another standing on the sidewalk.  I tell the husband to go out and see who's out there.  It was this woman and her daughter still looking for the cell phone.  Obviously this tracker is not accurate and it's either in a person's house close by or the person who stole the phone tossed it somewhere.  The daughter had been in our side yard looking.  I'm not sure why they would think it would get tossed all the way into our yard other than the tracker says it's at our address which is wrong.

So the moral of the story is cell phone trackers are almost useless and trying to use them is going to get you in trouble with all the people you falsely accuse.


Birdie said…
Your husbands problems is the reason I do not work in facilities. Women are total bitches and they band together. They will stop at nothing to get a person in trouble or fired.
I hope the cell phone is found. Your daughter should stay out of it because if she does find it they will accuse her even more.
Sparkless said…
Birdie, men are just as brutal as women they are just more up front about it so you'll know when one is out to get you. With women they like to fake being your friend and then stab you in the back. Either way working with large groups of people is challenging whether they are women or men.
We aren't looking for the cell phone because we figure if we find it they will just think we stole it and are giving it back.

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