OMG! Not Again!

Why does our stupid toilet always stop working when my stupid husband is at work and my kids have friends over?  We have to deal with this regularly and I am so done with this!!!!!!!

I have to tell my son and his friend that our only toilet is out of commission.  This boy is staying here over night and the husband doesn't get home until after 10pm.  Can you hold it for over 3 hours boys cause our toilet doesn't work and I've already tried to plunge it with no luck.  Of course the husband thinks he bought a good plunger but it's really just a cheap piece of junk that doesn't work unless you have lots of upper body strength and I don't have enough.  Not to mention that it splashes nasty water all over you and the floor when you try to use it.

I was in a bad mood already and I can tell you I am about to rip someone's head off for this.  I want to take a sledge hammer to this toilet and get a plumber in to fix the bathroom so we don't have to deal with this.  It's either that or I'm putting in an out house in the back yard for everyone to use.

Why the heck can't our toilet ever work properly?!!!!  I know for a fact that no one plugged it up because I was the only one who used it and I didn't flush anything that would plug it up.  I think it should be the law that every house needs to have two toilets in them because what the hell do you do if your only toilet stops working properly?  I can't afford to call a plumber at night to get the toilet working again and the stupid husband won't be home for hours.  I can just hope he gets splashed all over with nasty toilet water.  I've been telling him for years to get that toilet fixed.  We have a new sewer line so there is no excuse for this.

And the cat puked on our bed again so I had to wash the duvet cover and quilt again.  Right now I am sitting in our freezing living room because my husband hasn't brought the heater up stairs and we only have one heat vent for the entire living room which isn't enough.  Plus the washer and dryer is in the hallway where the thermostat is so when you wash clothes the hallway heats up and the heat turns off because the thermostat thinks it warm when the rest of the house is freezing.  I feel like I live in a third world country with no heat and no toilet!

I'm going to yell at someone when he comes home.  *&&%$##%^&)__)&^#&*)#(_!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, one thing about an outhouse -- it's never out of commission! I hope your husband got home early.
Birdie said…
That is just too much. Maybe your son is strong enough?
I hope today is better for you. xo
Sparkless said…
Debra, at this stage an outhouse would be better than what we have now and that is pretty pathetic! And the husband got home when he got off work, so not early. He did manage to unstop the toilet though.

Birdie, I doubt the son would use enough force to unplug it. I think the problem is in the city line somewhere because the people behind us have problems all the time too.

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