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I've started to write a post a few times now and then abandon it half way through.  I've got a case of the doubts.  Everything I say and do I have doubts about.  I can't stop myself from thinking and rethinking everything I'd doing and mostly from thinking I've done it all wrong.

I hate when I feel like this.  I just want to jump in bed and pull the covers over my head until it's over.  I want to feel like I've made the right choice.  All this doubt is depressing.  I need a small good thing to happen just so I can say to myself  "see that went okay so you did the right thing."  Or someone to say  "You did a fantastic job with that."

Some days you just need the universe to give you a pat on the back or at least another human being.  So until that happens expect doom and gloom posts.  Sorry it's the best I can do at the moment.

Quick Post

I really have nothing to say but I figure if I have a blog I should write something once in awhile or what's the point.  It snowed about 4-5 inches of  last night and looks like it's snowing a bit out there again.  This may sound like a lot of snow but it's really nothing.  The schools don't close.  I can't remember once that the schools have been closed due to snow or any other type of weather for that matter.

The roads are always okay, not great but if you have good winter tires and a brain in your head you are fine driving around.  Plus it warmed up so the sand and salt they put on the slippery sections melted all the ice.  The highway was pretty much snow free by evening tonight.

I made the kids shovel the car out and it didn't take them long at all.  They did complain about it but heck they should get some exercise and chores are good for them.  I just checked and it says we are supposed to get 1cm of snow tonight.  LOL!!!  That's not even enough snow …

It Creeps Up on You Sometimes

I've been feeling my age and it always surprises me when I think about it.  When I see other people and find out they are the same age as me or only a few years older and I think "that can't be true, she looks so much older than I do."  Then I look in the mirror and think "right, I am that old too."

The daughter is turning 15 this Sunday.  I had her when I was 34 and some days I feel more like I should be her grandmother than her mother.  Nothing is the same as when I was her age and when I say nothing I mean literally nothing!  I wish I could go back in time and have my kids 5-10 years earlier than I did.  I had so much more energy and zing then.  We rarely go anywhere or do anything anymore and even when we do have a bit of money we still stay home.  It gets to be a bit of a habit even when you should go out cause it would do you some good.

Issues with the kids have me feeling down lately.  The weather has turned sunny and cold so it's very pretty out…


I just have to show you these pictures I took of the light outside.  And yes these pictures show what the light actually looked like kind of pink.  It was because the sky was clear only in the west where the sun was setting.  It gave an eery pink glow to everything outside.  I haven't changed the pictures in any way the light is exactly the way the camera captured it.

 This is the sky out back.
This is how much snow we have along with the strange pink glow in the back yard.

Soup Sunday

Yup we are having soup too.  It's just potato soup with homemade buns.  I don't have a recipe to share because the husband made the soup and he doesn't follow a recipe he just throws things in the pot and we eat it when it's done.

We had peas and carrots to go with the buns and cheese and soup.  I keep trying to get the husband to make some potato soup with a bit of sharp cheddar and bacon on top but he hasn't done it yet.

This soup was a bit thin and he used only mashed potatoes but it would be nice if you mashed half your potatoes and cube the rest up into small cubes.  You could also add some diced ham to this soup to up the protein.

Looks like we'll be having it again this week cause he made a big pot of the stuff.

Ignorance is Bliss

Doesn't the flu and stomach virus go around every winter?  So why the big deal this year?  I figure the vaccine makers aren't making enough money so they put out info to scare us into getting a shot to stave off the flu.  Too bad they haven't figured out how to make a vaccine for the stomach virus, that ones a nasty one and one I'd like to avoid.

I wonder if getting the vaccine makes us more susceptible later.  I know that I used to get the flu vaccine and then stopped, mostly because I have to pay for it myself now.  Then I started to get sick with the stomach bug every year.  Sure the two aren't related but I hadn't had a stomach bug since I was a child and all of a sudden I was being taken out like a kid in daycare every time it went around.

We have four people living in a one bathroom house so we cannot and I repeat CANNOT all get sick with a stomach bug.  It would be my worst nightmare.  The only good thing is that this has never happened yet.  If one of …

2013 Goals/Hopes

For Mama Pea.  You asked for it so here it is.  Nothing too exciting on the list and I bet if I'd made a list last year most of these things would be on it too.

This list is my list of goals or intentions for the year.  I hope to work on each of these at some point.  At the end of the year I can see how many I managed to get done or at least worked on.  Some of these are just things I'd like to do and most likely won't get done but you never know.  These are in no particular order.

1. Find some kind of a job to make some money

2. Gut and redo the bathroom and hallway.

3.Get in better physical shape, not going to say lose weight cause that jinxes it!

4. Sort through all the junk and boxes we have and get rid of most of it.

5. Have a garage sale to sell some of the above junk.

6. Plan a fantastic trip for the husband and my 50th birthdays both this year.

7. Take a trip as a family somewhere.  We have never done this.

8. Plant more veggies and herbs.

9. Put up curtains in ou…

Parties Are Over

Now all that's left is the clean up and dullness of winter.  Fortunately for my kids they have birthdays in Jan and Feb to look forward to.   My husband turns 50 in March too so I think it's time we got out the big guns and did something fitting.  I will also turn 50 this Sept so I think a trip is in order.  Not sure where or when or even how but it's on my list.

I have plans and more plans for this new year.  I don't dare call them resolutions because those are always broken.  Instead I have plans and lists.  I also have to do my year in review where the kids and I sit down and we go month by month and try to remember all the things that happened.  I'm always surprised by how much actually went on at least in the lives of my kids, me not so much.

I'm feeling like my time is running out and unless I start grabbing what I want I better be happy with what I have.  I'm not, so I'm going to start working to get what I want and do the things I want to experi…