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I really have nothing to say but I figure if I have a blog I should write something once in awhile or what's the point.  It snowed about 4-5 inches of  last night and looks like it's snowing a bit out there again.  This may sound like a lot of snow but it's really nothing.  The schools don't close.  I can't remember once that the schools have been closed due to snow or any other type of weather for that matter.

The roads are always okay, not great but if you have good winter tires and a brain in your head you are fine driving around.  Plus it warmed up so the sand and salt they put on the slippery sections melted all the ice.  The highway was pretty much snow free by evening tonight.

I made the kids shovel the car out and it didn't take them long at all.  They did complain about it but heck they should get some exercise and chores are good for them.  I just checked and it says we are supposed to get 1cm of snow tonight.  LOL!!!  That's not even enough snow to bother with. I won't even have to shovel that.

It's midterm for the kids.  The daughter will finish up her semester Friday and then will be off for 5 days.  When she goes back to school on Thur she will start new classes and no more math for her for the rest of the year!  We are all relieved about that.  I just hope she can keep her math mark up to a B so she can stay on the honor roll.  If the kids are on the honor roll all year they get the chance to go on a trip to some post secondary colleges and Universities.  I've told her that if she can do it we'll find the money for the trip for her so she's really worked hard.  I'll feel really bad for her if she doesn't get that B but it's possible because she needs to pull her mark up a few percentage points.  Send her good math thoughts Friday cause she writes her math final then.

Now the son has to write a couple of Provincial exams on Monday I think.  There's no classes Mon, Tue, and Wed due to kids having to write Provincial exams those days.  He's done okay in most of his classes but struggles with math too.  It must be genetic cause I struggled in math until I got to University then it all clicked and I managed to get some A's for the first time.  Anyway they just need to keep at it and they'll do fine.

Wow, I didn't think I could ramble this long.  Sorry to bore you all.  I have to do some frugal grocery shopping these next few weeks cause the husband has a short pay coming up.  That means I have to keep some of this pay for the next one.  I have a turkey breast my mom gave us and that is going to get cooked.  It doesn't have any bones but I think we'll keep some meat aside and make some soup with some of it.  I'll post it for Soup Sunday if we get it made by the weekend.

I hope everyone who is suffering through a cold snap stays warm.  Our weather is supposed to go above freezing and turn to rain.  That will make all our lovely snow a slushy nightmare but what can you do?  You can't control the weather you can only endure it.


Mama Pea said…
I'm always a bit surprised to hear of the relatively mild winter weather you have. (So all of Canada isn't bitter cold all winter long, eh? Just kidding.)

Our temp warmed up to 14 degrees above zero over night, we are looking out on 3" of new snow with more coming down. It's beautiful with the yard light on. Hope it continues during the daylight so we can see and enjoy it. We needed more snow cover so this is nice.

Best of luck to both kids in their tests/exams.
Erin said…
We actually have gotten about 3 inches of snow today and it's still coming down tonight! Isn't that strange about the math - I didn't do that well at it in high school but did just fine in college as an adult in my late 20's LOL
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea I live in the West so it has a much milder climate than the Eastern part of Canada has. Of course the farther north you go the colder it gets but we live only about a 10 min drive from the US border. Much of our weather comes at us from the Pacific/Hawaii and up from the South.

Erin enjoy your snow. I wish we were getting some more but I'm betting we won't be getting anymore for the rest of the winter or at least not much. Math must be one of those late development types of things for some of us.

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