2013 Goals/Hopes

For Mama Pea.  You asked for it so here it is.  Nothing too exciting on the list and I bet if I'd made a list last year most of these things would be on it too.

This list is my list of goals or intentions for the year.  I hope to work on each of these at some point.  At the end of the year I can see how many I managed to get done or at least worked on.  Some of these are just things I'd like to do and most likely won't get done but you never know.  These are in no particular order.

1. Find some kind of a job to make some money

2. Gut and redo the bathroom and hallway.

3.Get in better physical shape, not going to say lose weight cause that jinxes it!

4. Sort through all the junk and boxes we have and get rid of most of it.

5. Have a garage sale to sell some of the above junk.

6. Plan a fantastic trip for the husband and my 50th birthdays both this year.

7. Take a trip as a family somewhere.  We have never done this.

8. Plant more veggies and herbs.

9. Put up curtains in our bedroom, Cal's, Rachel's, and the bathroom.

10. Put a new back door on the house for security.

11. Put a new basement door on for security.

12. Have a new water main put in.

13. Replace old crappy single pane windows upstairs.

14. Get out of debt

15. Save for retirement.

16. Add more to kid's education accounts.

17. Write more, maybe a book or short story, not necessarily for publication but for fun.

18. Have people over to our house more often even if it is small and uncomfortable.

19. Go out more often and do fun things.

20. Replace the carpet in the living room with new flooring.

22. Cook more healthy meals, well learn to cook better.

23. Consider moving to a larger house instead of fixing this one, at least look around at houses.  Moving would mean a decrease of 7 items on my list!

24. Learn to play a song on the piano and buy a new piano for the daughter to play.

Sad that most of these things involve buying or spending money.  I wish we could win the lottery so we could either move or fix this house up.  Right now it's falling apart and we don't have a dime to fix it.  I really need to find some kind of a job so we can get a handle on our money.  With just a few hundred extra dollars a month we could get out of debt and start saving.  So I think that will be one of my main goals, to try to make money or find a job of some kind, any kind.

I just reread these and I think I've set my sights way too high but even if we just do some of these things I'd be pretty content.  


Erin said…
Don't look at it at setting your sights too high but instead as giving you a lot to choose from! You are right, even being able to cross a couple off the list would be a nice accomplishment - I'm rooting for you and hope for a better 2013 for you!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Erin. I already got one thing done. We bought an electric piano for the daughter for her birthday at the end of January. The piano we have doesn't have a full keyboard so she needs that to keep up with her piano lessons which she is motivated to do. I'd say the year is off to an excellent start!
Mama Pea said…
I can count nine things on your list that don't cost money. I'd say start on those (with enthusiasm even if you have to fake it at first . . . it's amazing how we can fool ourselves, isn't it?) and I bet you'll feel so good that you'll find a way to just keep going and going.

Your list seems well-thought out and full of things that really matter to you. Now urge me to sit down and do the same!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea. I'm waiting for your list. I'm sure it will be a doozy!

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