Parties Are Over

Now all that's left is the clean up and dullness of winter.  Fortunately for my kids they have birthdays in Jan and Feb to look forward to.   My husband turns 50 in March too so I think it's time we got out the big guns and did something fitting.  I will also turn 50 this Sept so I think a trip is in order.  Not sure where or when or even how but it's on my list.

I have plans and more plans for this new year.  I don't dare call them resolutions because those are always broken.  Instead I have plans and lists.  I also have to do my year in review where the kids and I sit down and we go month by month and try to remember all the things that happened.  I'm always surprised by how much actually went on at least in the lives of my kids, me not so much.

I'm feeling like my time is running out and unless I start grabbing what I want I better be happy with what I have.  I'm not, so I'm going to start working to get what I want and do the things I want to experience before time or good health stops me.  I feel that grim reaper on my butt and I'm not letting him have me yet.  I've got many good years left and I have lots of stuff to get done.

The kids and I had a pretty quiet New Years.  The husband was home but had to go to bed early because he works in the morning.  That will be double time pay for him so it's a good thing.  I tried to make things fun for the kids.  We made snacks, played games and watched movies.  We had special fizzy drinks to toast the New Year with but it's always a bit of a let down afterwards. 

The daughter has been struggling with her friendships.  Unfortunately she has a few mean girls in her group and they like to exclude people and try to make themselves feel important.  I always tell my daughter when people do things like that it says more about them than whoever they are excluding.  Is says they are mean and petty and not worth the effort to be friends with.  I tell her my experience with a mean friend and how I made new friends, friends who treated me well and were worthy of being friends with.  I tell her there are girls out there just like her and she will find them if she is open to friendship.  It's hard  to watch her self esteem plummet and not be able to fix things or at least help her.  I can only sit back and be there for her when she wants me to.

I think lots of kids go through this change of friends as they move from one school to another and start growing.  Some of her friends are starting to drink and smoke pot.  My daughter does not want to do those things and I'm glad for her.  Fourteen is too young for that. 

So on my list for 2013 is for some good friends to come into my daughter's life.  Some friends who will cherish her and know she is worth being a friend with.  For my son I wish he would start to explore the world more and be open to experience new things.  He's much too much of a homebody and that may be okay for us old people but for young people I think they need to explore to learn and grow.  I hope he gets his courage up to write his drivers test and stops dithering around. 

For the husband I wish he could sleep through the night without waking up all the time.  He did one of those sleep tests and the Dr. said he woke up ever 5 minutes.  I think it's not that bad but he has been saying he's really tired the last few years.  It's not like him to be tired all the time.  I wish we could afford the CPAP machine but it costs a fortune just for the mask and tubes to try it out.  We can't even afford to try one to see if it does help him.  Insurance pays for most of the cost but not the mask or the tubes which you have to replace all the time and those were almost $100 for a month!!  So for the husband I wish he could sleep long and deeply to feel well rested.

I have a rather long list of things for myself that I'm not going to bother to write here.  I do wish health, happiness and prosperity for all my blogger friends.  I really do believe that 2013 has some fantastic things in store for us.  I'm pretty accurate with my predictions so hang on and enjoy the ride cause it's going to be a good one.  Happy New Year!


Erin said…
Sorry to hear about your daughter's trouble with mean girls, there is nothing worse than being excluded at that age. We could tell our kids all day how unimportant all this high school stuff is in real adult life but there whole world revolves around those relationships at that age. She definitely needs to find that group of girls where she can be herself. I hate to hear about your hubs needing a CPAP and not being able to get it. My hubs would be in heart attack zone without his. Even though he's an athletic guy that stays around 160 lbs at 6 ft (skinny LOL) his sleep studies show that he woke up on some level an average of 20 times per minute, which left him like a zombie all day. He's been on the CPAP for about 5 years now and it's made a huge difference. Some people talk about the military having low pay compared to the civilian sector, but the health coverage we get is worth so much, all he has to do is call in his refills on the accessories and they arrive at our doorstep the next day. I think the folks complaining about low pay have no health problems! He's lucky being active duty since he is covered at 100% no copays even. I hope this next year is good to your family and that your daughter is able to find a few quality girlfriends, she deserves it!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Erin. It's only a couple of girls in her group that love to exclude and feel all important. And unfortunately the school is a small one so not many choices for friends there. I'm sure she'll work it out in time.
Glad to hear your hubby's CPAP helps him and doesn't cost a fortune. We can try a machine free for a month but have to buy the mask and tubes which cost over $100. I think we'll consider it later in the year when we aren't so broke. My husband does have pretty good health care coverage as he's a gov't employee. They just don't cover costs of everything unfortunately.
Mama Pea said…
Ah, that elusive, but much needed sleep at night. I have started kind of a snoring/gurgling at night which 1) keeps my light sleeping hubby awake, and 2) is now keeping me awake because it actually wakes me up 'cause I'm so conscious of it because I know when I do it, it wakes him up! I can relate it directly to stress and though I can pinpoint the reason for the stress, it bugs the heck out of me that I'm not balanced enough to handle that stress in a better way!

I wouldn't want to go back to being your daughter's age for anything. And I think the whole situation is much worse for kids now than when I was in school. Saying a little prayer she finds her niche soon and can be happy.

I do wish you had written of the things you have on your own personal list for 2013. You know there are lots of us out here who would support you if and when you needed it.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, you really should try meditating before bed. There are many different kinds and you can find recordings to listen to. Or just take deep breathes and try to clear your mind and relax all your muscle. My husband snores more when he's tired so it just gets worse and worse.
I think snoring as you get older is pretty normal as the tissues in the back of your throat and nose get softer with age.
I wouldn't go back to high school for anything either Mama Pea. Such a difficult time in most kid's lives.
I guess I could post a modified version of my list. Some of the things on my list are personal, about my marriage and I'm not posting that stuff. No one really wants or needs to read that stuff. There is still lots on my list I could share so I'll remove a few things and post the list later.

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