Ignorance is Bliss

Doesn't the flu and stomach virus go around every winter?  So why the big deal this year?  I figure the vaccine makers aren't making enough money so they put out info to scare us into getting a shot to stave off the flu.  Too bad they haven't figured out how to make a vaccine for the stomach virus, that ones a nasty one and one I'd like to avoid.

I wonder if getting the vaccine makes us more susceptible later.  I know that I used to get the flu vaccine and then stopped, mostly because I have to pay for it myself now.  Then I started to get sick with the stomach bug every year.  Sure the two aren't related but I hadn't had a stomach bug since I was a child and all of a sudden I was being taken out like a kid in daycare every time it went around.

We have four people living in a one bathroom house so we cannot and I repeat CANNOT all get sick with a stomach bug.  It would be my worst nightmare.  The only good thing is that this has never happened yet.  If one of us gets sick by the time the others get it the first one down is usually better.

My older sister was recently sick with what sounded like flu although she's had the flu vaccine.  It wiped her out for a good week.  So now I wonder should I fork out the money for a flu shot and get the kids shots too?  Should I try to stay healthy and avoid people for the next several months or should I just forget about it and hope not to get sick?

I think I'll stop reading the reports about the flu and other winter illnesses.  That would solve my problem entirely.  I'd never know it's a bad flu year or that it's a new stomach bug strain that we have no immunity to going around.  If what they say is true "ignorance is bliss" I'm going for some ignorance and hope the bliss follows.


Mama Pea said…
I know you can't believe everything you read but I saw an article that claims that people who have had the flu shots for several years are developing Alzheimer's and dementia at a higher rate than those who don't take the flu shots. I sincerely believe that the human body is a wondrous thing and if you put truly good nutrition in it and avoid lots of sugar and junk food, it will fight off even the worst germs going around. Flu shots and other manufactured pharmaceuticals put foreign substances into our systems. This either weakens our otherwise healthy immune system by having to fight the foreign substances and get them out of the body or actually alters our immune system so it cannot do what it is meant to do. Just my opinion.
Erin said…
I was hospitalized in '99 with influenza and it is definitely no joke. It had me down for 2 weeks and was 4 more weeks after that before I didn't feel like I was hit by a truck. Stomach viruses are yucky too, hope you all can steer clear of them. Even the flu vaccine is only approx 60% effective, but sometimes the vaccine can lessen the effects/duration. This late in the year I probably would opt for hand washing and staying away from others, it takes a good solid 2 weeks to develop any protection. I actually tracked down that study about the alzheimer's and it turns out it was unsubstantiated rumor. If you look at most of those "studies" they are not done or reported by any major hospital or M.D.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea I agree that the best way to stay healthy is to eat well and take care of yourself. For my husband though he has to work with frail elderly patients and can't pass on flu to them so he pretty much has to get a flu shot. You are contagious even when you have no symptoms. He hasn't been really sick for a very long time although he has had a few colds, nothing major.

Erin I went down with flu when I had a baby and toddler to take care of. It was the worst thing ever trying to take care of them and not pass out from high fever. There was no one to help with the kids at the time because everyone was at work and couldn't take time off to help me. Now I'm kind of paranoid but the kids are teens now and could actually take care of me if I'm sick so I should just relax and just not worry too much.
The flu vaccine is just a small piece of inactive virus that stimulates our body to make antibodies against the virus. It basically fools our body into thinking we are being attacked by the flu virus. It is "natural" in the sense that flu viruses are natural things. It stimulates our immunity not decrease it. I wonder though if certain viruses that you may never get are good to get vaccinated for. I think some of these viruses may actually be ones that cause other illnesses. And we get vaccines for them when we may never need them. Kind of makes me think about it more.

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