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I Know I Promised But....

I think I am having the worst week ever.  My cough will not go away.  I get this mucus in my lungs and cough for hours trying to get it out.  Then I get a headache and my back is out from all the hard coughing.  I'm coughing less than last week but I'm getting tired out with all the coughing and the headache.  I've resorted to taking my migraine meds that have some codeine in them to hopefully give my body a rest from the coughing and get rid of the headache.
The husband was cashing in some retirement savings so we can get some renovations done to this falling down shack.  One would think this wouldn't take over a month and several phone calls to people who don't seem to have a clue what they are doing.  As a matter of fact three of them gave us misinformation that led the husband to make a bad choice.  I am so sick of money problems and trying to scrape a living.  The gov't here has a taxation rate of about 40%.  Yes I said 40%.  And now they are bringing in a…

Best Part of the Day

I've decided I will not whine all week about anything.  I will not whine about having to just get up to chase the cat off the living room carpet to puke up her fur ball (she didn't make it).  I will not whine about it being my 20th wedding anniversary on Friday and my husband has not bothered to plan or arrange anything.  I think he figures it's my job to do all that stuff.  I will not whine that we have no money and a kid who only eats certain foods which are few and far between.  I will not whine that I haven't had a hair cut in over a year and I will not whine that my house is pretty much falling down around me.
Today it was a beautiful sunny day.  I sat outside and drank a coffee trying to get some vitamin D.  The birds are really funny at this time of year.  They are so excited and chirpy that it's fun to watch them.  They dash all over singing and chasing each other.  I wonder which pair will win the right to build their nest in our bird house this year.
I ma…


Yes my whines are endless.  I've been sick with a nasty cold for two weeks now and really I am done with it.  I've really had enough.  This cold must be gone now!  My back hurts from coughing, actually I've thrown it out and now have to lurch around trying not to cough and make it worse.  Have you ever seen someone who has to cough try not to?  Yes, it's pretty funny for you.  For me it's a desperate attempt at avoiding more pain.
I can't believe I'm going to have to go to the Dr. again this year.  It's been a round of seeing the Dr this year with few healing results.  I'll probably get a "it's just a cold, rest and fluids, and take some advil for the pains."

The weather can't decide if it wants to be spring or summer.  We had a couple of hot days where it really felt like summer.  We had our windows open all night and were roasting all night still.  Then a cold front hit and it was bundle up and close those windows tight.  I wish …

Midlife Crisis?

I have just not been myself lately.  I want to up and run away from home.  Nothing in my life is the way I want it to be.  If I would have known I'd end up here I'd have gone a different way entirely.  But here I am and here I'm stuck so what to do?
I can't stay in bed all day and hope for oblivion, believe me I've tried.  I can't run away cause I've got kids and that wouldn't be fair to them.  I need something new, something fun, something interesting.  But for the life of me I can't figure out what that could be.
I figure I'm having a midlife crisis.  Make sure you don't have too many regrets or it's gonna hit you like a ton of bricks.  And it sucks, it really, really, really sucks.  Things that used to make me happy don't.  Places I used to like to go I don't want to go to anymore.  Nothing gives me peace or satisfaction anymore.  It's like my brain has decided it's bored and needs something but it's not smart enou…

Here We Go Again

Nope I'm not talking about the song either.  It's the neighbour again.  He wants to build a 6ft privacy fence between our house and his property.  Being that our house is only a couple of feet from the property line I'm not sure what he needs privacy from as we only have one window on that side of the house.  If his fence blocks my kitchen window I'm going to have to do something drastic.  The husband says the fence won't be tall enough to be  in the way of the window.  I'm not so sure though. 
And like that isn't bad enough he also wants to put a gate at the front of his property and drive his giant RV into his yard so he doesn't have to pay storage fees for it.  That giant RV will be parked only a few feet from our house.  Now this doesn't sound like a huge problem but who would buy a house with neighbours like ours.  Their yard looks like a junkyard and the last fence he put up looked pathetic so I'm pretty sure any other fence he puts up wil…

Toilet Trauma

I'm not one to complain, well actually I am and I'm going to again so if you've heard enough of my whining just skip this post entirely. One day very soon I'm going to have something so awesomely wonderful to post you'll think it's someone else posting it, but not today.
We've been waiting patiently to cash in some of our retirement savings to do some much needed work on our ramshackle house. Unfortunately the house could not wait for the paperwork and decided to stage a revolt tonight. The much maligned toilet was the first to go. He decided to start leaking. I thought it was just sweating cause it's not insulated and always does but I guess something else was broken. I didn't know this until sometime after 6:30pm when the husband came home from work. The toilet was already not flushing properly so I informed him the toilet was plugged, again.
When I next saw the husband he told me that the toilet was leaking and he needed a new wax seal for it so…

"T" is for Tired

Yup, tired that's me.  I could sleep a day away and still feel tired.  I never wake up feeling rested and refreshed and I never have.  I'm am not one of nature's early morning people.  I feel like crap in the morning.  I feel like I haven't slept all night even if I have.  And that groggy feeling doesn't leave me until after noon sometime.  I have tried everything to change that but nothing worked.  I even got up early and exercised but I'd come home even more exhausted and need a nap!  Who naps after a workout?  Me, that's who.  LOL!

I'm also very tired of the stupid board I'm on.  I was really hoping that next season there would be some big changes but it looks like there are going to be none.  It's going to be the same useless people on the board doing almost nothing and the same coach who is a royal pain in the rear.  I am one step from jumping ship.  I could you know.  I could just throw my hat in the ring and be done with it.  But then I&#…

Patience Please

I need some patience today.  Our vacume is broken.  The husband was supposed to fix it but of course when he fixes something he never really does a good job.  I am so sick of things being broken and not fixed properly.  We have a car that the driver's side window doesn't roll down and actually falls down while you are driving.  You have to stop the car and push it back up with your hands and hope that it will stay up long enough to get to where you are going.  He was supposed to fix that months ago but hasn't.  He was also supposed to fix the driver's side mirror.  You can't use it because you can't adjust it and when you manually do it the mirror just falls out of place when the car starts to move.  He broke the little nob that adjusts the mirror.

I had to change my pants today because I noticed a big wet spot on the back of them.  No, I didn't pee my pants.  I did go to the washroom though and the floor around the toilet is wet because our toilet is not i…

Internet Stalking

Okay call me a newb or something but don't you think it's stalking when blogs or sites track you?  They can find out where you came from and where you went after you were at their site.  I'm not usually paranoid or anything but it annoys me that just anyone with a few dollars in their pockets can stalk people on the internet.

This is one reason I don't do anything important on my computer anymore, too much tracking, stalking etc going on.  Am I the only one bugged by this?  I could be stalking you, the person reading this right now!  I could see what country you are from, where you were before you came here and where you go after here.  Ya, be afraid, be very afraid, stalking is alive and well and being promoted on the internet as "traffic."


Why do people feel the need to spout off stereotypes?  I get it that sometimes they themselves have been  the subject of stereotyping but you'd think they of all people would know better.  That drives me nuts!

I'm on a particular forum and there are a few homeschoolers on there.  I get it that some kids do better homeschooling and I don't stereotype these people or kids.  I know that if you have really poor schools, or a huge distance to travel or other factors that homeschooling is the best option and many kids do wonderfully with that option.  But on the other hand most kids do wonderfully in public schools too.  The majority of kids in public school graduate and go on to be healthy, happy, well mannered, productive members of society.  But these particular homeschoolers seem to feel the need to spout every stereotype against public schools they can think of like, kids from public schools are hardened, have poor manners, have bad attitudes, have poor marks, are bullies a…