Toilet Trauma

I'm not one to complain, well actually I am and I'm going to again so if you've heard enough of my whining just skip this post entirely. One day very soon I'm going to have something so awesomely wonderful to post you'll think it's someone else posting it, but not today.
We've been waiting patiently to cash in some of our retirement savings to do some much needed work on our ramshackle house. Unfortunately the house could not wait for the paperwork and decided to stage a revolt tonight. The much maligned toilet was the first to go. He decided to start leaking. I thought it was just sweating cause it's not insulated and always does but I guess something else was broken. I didn't know this until sometime after 6:30pm when the husband came home from work. The toilet was already not flushing properly so I informed him the toilet was plugged, again.
When I next saw the husband he told me that the toilet was leaking and he needed a new wax seal for it so off he ran to the store before it closed. Of course it couldn't be anything that simple. By this time the husband has already been to the store twice and I needed to pick my daughter up at gymnastics by 8pm.  The huband says he needs to go back to the store to get something else and will pick our daughter up. I told him to make sure she goes to the washroom before she leaves cause our toilet is out of order.  Our son was out a friend's house so I wasn't too worried about him.
The husband gets home and goes back into the washroom.  The son comes home and says he needs to go pee. Since the toilet is not working he decides he's going to go outside by the garage. Since it's dark now and there aren't alot of options left I tell him to go for it in the hopes that the daughter and I will be able to use the toilet soon. No such luck.
Someone glued this plastic flange thing to the drainpipe that should just come off. It's this plastic flange thing that is cracked. It has to be cut off the pipe now and a large piece of drain pipe replaced. Plus when the husband was hooking up the water line again he did it too hard and the plastic cracked on that so it's leaking too. Oh and the husband got sewer water and some type of nasty sticky wax residue all over everything in the bathroom. When you walk on the floor you stick to it. He really needs to grow a brain and soon.
So tonight the daughter and I had to pee in the shower, yup we are two classy girls. This is what having an idiot for a husband drives me to have to do. The water on the toilet is still turned off and of course it's out of commission. I'm not sure what we are going to do tomorrow but I'm making that the huband's problem cause I've been nagging him for over 3 years to replace that toilet.
Right now I'm am so stressed out and am going to sit down and have myself a good old cry.


Capital Mom said…
A cry sounds like a good idea!

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