"T" is for Tired

Yup, tired that's me.  I could sleep a day away and still feel tired.  I never wake up feeling rested and refreshed and I never have.  I'm am not one of nature's early morning people.  I feel like crap in the morning.  I feel like I haven't slept all night even if I have.  And that groggy feeling doesn't leave me until after noon sometime.  I have tried everything to change that but nothing worked.  I even got up early and exercised but I'd come home even more exhausted and need a nap!  Who naps after a workout?  Me, that's who.  LOL!

I'm also very tired of the stupid board I'm on.  I was really hoping that next season there would be some big changes but it looks like there are going to be none.  It's going to be the same useless people on the board doing almost nothing and the same coach who is a royal pain in the rear.  I am one step from jumping ship.  I could you know.  I could just throw my hat in the ring and be done with it.  But then I'd still have to be around these people all the time if my daughter wants to still be in that sport, and she does.  I wish I could convince her to join another sport so I could gracefully leave and not have to see most of those people ever again.

I'm off to read my book now and enjoy my lovely beeswax candle.  Ohmmmmmm


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