Patience Please

I need some patience today.  Our vacume is broken.  The husband was supposed to fix it but of course when he fixes something he never really does a good job.  I am so sick of things being broken and not fixed properly.  We have a car that the driver's side window doesn't roll down and actually falls down while you are driving.  You have to stop the car and push it back up with your hands and hope that it will stay up long enough to get to where you are going.  He was supposed to fix that months ago but hasn't.  He was also supposed to fix the driver's side mirror.  You can't use it because you can't adjust it and when you manually do it the mirror just falls out of place when the car starts to move.  He broke the little nob that adjusts the mirror.

I had to change my pants today because I noticed a big wet spot on the back of them.  No, I didn't pee my pants.  I did go to the washroom though and the floor around the toilet is wet because our toilet is not insulated and it sweats.  So when my pants were down they sucked up that big pool of water on the floor.  This is the toilet he was supposed to replace a very long time ago.  This is the toilet that gets plugged up all the time and is impossible to plunge.  This is the crap peptol bismal pink toilet with a cheap white plastic handle that isn't insulated and doesn't work properly.  How long could you live without a toilet?  We've been putting up with the thing for 14 years now!  One would think the calls to his place of work and the shrieks from the end of the phone would be enough to embarrass the husband into fixing the toilet properly.  Nope, nothing seems to get through to this man. 

Now just add that I can't vacume and that about does it!  I am done!  If something doesn't get fixed and properly very soon I may just lose my mind.  Yes, that is why this blog has the name that it does.  I have to put up with so much crap that it amazes me that I haven't lost my marbles completely years ago.  Well at least I think I'm still relatively sane but maybe not since I haven't divorced the dim wit I married.  Of all his good points fixing anything is not one of them.  He doesn't even seem to notice when things are broken.  And then his idea of fixing something involves sort of fixing it so that you have to bugger around with it constantly to get it to work if you can get it to work at all.  That is a huge waste of time and money to fix things that way.

I was always taught to do the job right.  My dad would spend days doing research for jobs around the house.  He would figure out the options and pick the one that would work.  He didn't stop until the problem was fixed even if that meant hiring someone to do the job.  Now my husband doesn't have a clue.  He doesn't even think things through for a minute before attempting to fix anything.  It's so frustrating.

Yes I do fix some things myself and I'm pretty good at it but I have a back injury that makes it impossible to bend for any length of time so that doing certain chores is almost impossible for me now.   I am working with my son so that he learns to do chores and fix things himself.  I think that's a valuable skill to have.  Unfortunately I'm working with a husband who was never taught that skill.

So excuse me while I blow the top off my head.  I have guests coming tonight and can't vacume the very dirty carpet because the vacume is broken, again.  Oh, and I'll have to make sure to sop up the water on the floor around the base of the toilet or my guests may get a nasty wet surprise after using the toilet.

Just so you know, I bought a lottery ticket for tonight and I'm planning to win so I can move from this dump and have enough money to hire a buff young man to fix all my broken things.


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