Why do people feel the need to spout off stereotypes?  I get it that sometimes they themselves have been  the subject of stereotyping but you'd think they of all people would know better.  That drives me nuts!

I'm on a particular forum and there are a few homeschoolers on there.  I get it that some kids do better homeschooling and I don't stereotype these people or kids.  I know that if you have really poor schools, or a huge distance to travel or other factors that homeschooling is the best option and many kids do wonderfully with that option.  But on the other hand most kids do wonderfully in public schools too.  The majority of kids in public school graduate and go on to be healthy, happy, well mannered, productive members of society.  But these particular homeschoolers seem to feel the need to spout every stereotype against public schools they can think of like, kids from public schools are hardened, have poor manners, have bad attitudes, have poor marks, are bullies and thugs.  I'm sure some kids are,  just as some homeschool kids are dumb as sticks cause the parents teaching them are dumb as sticks.  But I know that that doesn't apply to all homeschoolers.  I know that the majority of them do just fine too.  I do not go about saying that everyone should go to public school and how great it is and then proceed to spout every sterotype there is about kids in the public school system. 

It amazes me how one who has been the subject of stereotyping doesn't see it in their own behavior.  I know for myself this is a reminder to keep looking for that in my own thoughts and behaviors because I do not want to be the kind of person who goes around saying they are fighting against stereotypes by stereotyping others.  Two wrongs do not make a right. 

I'm stepping off my soapbox now.


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