Best Part of the Day

I've decided I will not whine all week about anything.  I will not whine about having to just get up to chase the cat off the living room carpet to puke up her fur ball (she didn't make it).  I will not whine about it being my 20th wedding anniversary on Friday and my husband has not bothered to plan or arrange anything.  I think he figures it's my job to do all that stuff.  I will not whine that we have no money and a kid who only eats certain foods which are few and far between.  I will not whine that I haven't had a hair cut in over a year and I will not whine that my house is pretty much falling down around me.
Today it was a beautiful sunny day.  I sat outside and drank a coffee trying to get some vitamin D.  The birds are really funny at this time of year.  They are so excited and chirpy that it's fun to watch them.  They dash all over singing and chasing each other.  I wonder which pair will win the right to build their nest in our bird house this year.
I managed to get all the work I had to do done today and felt pretty good about that.  And the best part of today was tonight when I got to sit down and have a drink of wine and enjoy the silence outside.  There is just something about evening that is so calming.  Everyone is either in bed or on their way to bed.  You can't go shopping at night, at least not here, so there is pretty much nothing to do.  You can't do chores at my house because you'd wake everyone up.  Evening is my favorite time.  I don't have anywhere to be and nothing that I have to do. 
I know lots of people love mornings, all that bustle and promise.  They love to get up and get going, to feel the energy of the day and know that they have the whole day ahead of them to do stuff and have fun.  I like the end of the day the best.  All the pressure is off then.  At the end of the day you have your comfy bed to look forward to.  No more deadlines, no more noise, no more chores, and no more expectations.  The day is done and now all you have to do is relax and go to sleep.  It's the best part of the day!


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