I Know I Promised But....

I think I am having the worst week ever.  My cough will not go away.  I get this mucus in my lungs and cough for hours trying to get it out.  Then I get a headache and my back is out from all the hard coughing.  I'm coughing less than last week but I'm getting tired out with all the coughing and the headache.  I've resorted to taking my migraine meds that have some codeine in them to hopefully give my body a rest from the coughing and get rid of the headache.
The husband was cashing in some retirement savings so we can get some renovations done to this falling down shack.  One would think this wouldn't take over a month and several phone calls to people who don't seem to have a clue what they are doing.  As a matter of fact three of them gave us misinformation that led the husband to make a bad choice.  I am so sick of money problems and trying to scrape a living.  The gov't here has a taxation rate of about 40%.  Yes I said 40%.  And now they are bringing in a another tax that will cost us even more money.  And strangely enough the gov't says we make just over the poverty level of income so we don't qualify for any of the lower taxes etc.  We'd be better off on welfare!
Sorry my headache is making me even more cranky than I should be.  I read this quote on another blog today and it brought me to tears.  I'm pretty close to tears daily now anyway so it doesn't take much but I thought I'd post it here for the imaginary readers I have.

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says ..."I'll try again tomorrow.

 And so I'll try again tomorrow.


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