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Fake Trees, I don't get it.

Maybe some of you love your fake Christmas trees but I just don't get it. You have to store those things, they wear out and you have to throw them out, thus they are not environmentally friendly. A real tree is grown on a tree farm, is totally recyclable. A real tree smells fresh, a fake one does not unless you buy some spray in a can and spray nasty asthma inducing stuff on it to make it smell good. A real tree drops tons of needles all over but then a fake tree isn't exactly clean either. That's why you have a vacuum. If your vacuum doesn't pick up tree needles then it's not the fault of the tree but the vacuum. Blame the right culprit.

A fake tree just seems like a big old monstrosity that is supposed to look like the real thing. Why not get the real thing? Are we really so time challenged that putting on a few lights takes way too much time than we have? I'd say it takes on average 10 minutes to put on lights for our Christmas tree give or take a f…

April Wine a No Show in Castlegar

Well it was a rather uneventful night last night. I had been looking forward to seeing an old Canadian band April Wine. I bought the tickets, got a babysitter, filled the car with gas and drove all the way to Castlegar to Club Element to see them play only to be told the band had cancelled the show cause they said the stage was too small. What crappy management they must have to not have checked the place beforehand. There were over 400 tickets sold to this concert. I can't quite believe they left their fans in the lurch like that, how very unprofessional. Maybe they don't think we are a big enough town and the fans aren't important enough for them to worry about insulting. How sad for them. It's not like they are big time anymore. They used to be a great band over 20 years ago. It would have been nice to hear their music again but I guess egos and management wouldn't let that happen.

So I'm out the cost of the babysitter, gas money and my time. I'll get my …


I just finished reading an article about Stonehenge. What a facinating history it has. But when I see how Stonehenge was supposed to look and how it looks now it kind of makes me sad. It would be wonderful to restore this monument and experience it how it was meant to be used and seen.

I know some people would think this sacrilege but why? It was a monument meant to be used and experienced. The shape it's in now is nothing of how it should be seen.

I remember watching another show where some scientists recreated stonehenge with foam blocks. They did it to scale and positioned it just in the same manner that stonehenge is positioned. They said the accousitics would have been very interesting inside. Sadly we'll never experience that now the way it is.

Why do people want to keep history in plastic? Hands off, no touching! Heavens forbid anyone wants to actually use one of these things. Museums make me feel the same way. I want to touch these things. Walking around loo…

Schools Today

This week is going to be crazy for me. My arms are already sore from dragging boxes of Girl Guide cookies all over with my daughter trying to sell them for her Brownie group. The kids' school has parent teacher interviews this week. I guess it's going to take two days to get this done so Tue and Wed my kids get out at 1pm. Of course my interviews with the kids teachers are on Wed one after the other so I'll be done quickly but now I'll have the kids at home early. Plus as if that isn't bad enough on Friday is a ProD day so the kids are off that day too. UG!!

Why does our school have several holidays every month. I don't think my kids go to school for more than 3 weeks at a time without getting a break of some kind. It must be murder to try to find sitters or daycare for those working parents. Not to mention the financial hardship on lower income families. And our school is one of the few who has a 2 week Spring Break. That is way too long a break for the kids at…


Maybe this should be called my rant page instead of a blog? I've been pondering why people feel the need to put memorials up where people have died from accidents. What is the need to put up crosses and flowers and plaques where someone has died. It gives me the creeps! The dead are most certainly not there so why bother?

What do the families get from doing this? One person I talked with suggested that it would make people stop and think about their behavior or maybe even stop some accidents. I find this hard to believe though cause the roadways would be littered with crosses and still there will be accidents.

Recently there have been a couple of people who have died here where I live. Both cases were from pure stupidity. One person was riding a bicycle without a helmet. Maybe the family should send some money to the hospitals that deal with brain injured people instead of wasting their money on painting things on the road and leaving flowers where their loved one died. Or even dona…


I love Halloween and all the fun surrounding it. But today I was watching TV and noticed that Unicef was advertising about collecting during Halloween. Now I'm not against giving to charity at all and I'm sure Unicef does wonderful things for people in need I'm against making Halloween about giving to charity. Can't we just have one holiday where it's about the actual holiday? Do we have to piggyback a charity with every holiday? I don't know about you but I'm already giving out free candy at Halloween and I resent having to feel like I "have" to give to Unicef too. If I wanted to give to Unicef I can do it at any time of year. Why don't they make their own Unicef holiday instead of stealing Halloween from the kids?

I know this may seem like a petty beef but it's what I've been thinking about and quite frankly it's bugging me. Our school hands the boxes out to all the kids and although it isn't mandatory to collect for Unicef it…

I Found You!!

I found my old blog! YIPEEE! I thought I'd never find it again and the password recovery thing never worked until I made a new blog and registered it to the same e-mail. Well imagine my surprise when I found this one and recovered the password too!

I like the name of this blog much for than the other one. I just posted on the other blog so now I have to decide which one to keep. I'll have to look at transferring the new posts to this blog. And most of all I'll have to write down my user name and password so I don't lose this again.

Not one person has read this other than a spammer and someone trying to drum up interest in their blog. Is that what one does, drum up interest? Is there a prize for having the most people read your blog?

Well I'm off now to fold my laundry this time, really.

Just Another Day

Well here I am attempting to write a blog again. People keep telling me how good it is for writers or aspiring writers to write every day and blogs are great for this, right? I'm not so sure that my life or anything I have to say is interesting enough. I can't imagine anyone reading this. If you are though please don't be put off by my negative attitude. I'm a glass half empty kind of gal.

I'm a Stay-At-Home-Mom to two kids, two cats and two hampters. I have been married to my husband for 16 years this May. My kids are both in school now and I'm now looking for a job. Like I haven't had a job all these years I've been raising my kids! Humph!

I'll try to keep this updated but I'm not making any promises!