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Almost New Year!

Christmas came and went.  It was quiet and it was just one of those years when no one wanted anything special and I didn't have any inspired ideas for gifts.  Not that we care about gifts that much but it is part of the whole thing.  Personally I love buying or making gifts for people.  That to me is the best part of Christmas or doing things for people who don't expect it, like leaving a plate of goodies on a neighbour's step or leaving a nice tip for your mail carrier. 

I cringe when I hear those perfect people who think Christmas must be simple.  That everyone that isn't them is not enjoying themselves because they buy gifts and do lots of things.  Sure that can be a good time too but it's not the only way to do a Christmas up right.  If you don't buy gifts or don't focus on them that's fine, if other people do that's fine too.  And if you are like the majority of people and are somewhere in between that's all good too.  You do Christmas any …


Finally we are getting a bit of snow.  It isn't much but at least it's covering the ground.  Now if we could just keep the rain away and the freezing temps until Christmas we could have a white Christmas.  Most of my childhood memories of Christmas are of going sledding with our friends after lunch.  There was always plenty of snow to get outside and play in.  I feel sad for kids now cause it's no fun to go outside in the cold rain.

I will be finishing up my Christmas wrapping today.  I may get a chance to bake something too.  I just haven't had any energy at all lately.  I can fall asleep sitting up now and that means I'm exhausted though from what I'm not sure.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a bit more energy.  Right now all I want for Christmas is some energy to enjoy it.  I'm just not feeling any Christmas spirit this year.  I'm not grumpy but this total lack of energy is making it hard to enjoy anything.

The buying, the wrapping, the decorating …

Social Media Black Out

Have you ever noticed you get tense or upset or angry reading social media?  I found I was feeling that way and wanting to reply to so many things with common sense but knew in my head and heart that it wouldn't be heard and wasn't necessary.  Those headlines are all for views and the more inflammatory they are the more views they get.

So I did a social media black out for a week.  I did read blogs because the blogs I read are ones I actually enjoy and I don't follow that many.  I can say the experiment was a success.  My stress went down and I didn't miss any of it except for the social contact part.  I missed the contact, pictures, info and chatting with my friends.  I didn't miss the media crap, headlines, political, loud rude opinions, religious nut case posts, or pretty much any of the news media stuff.

So now I am working on shutting down those areas so I don't have to see or read that crap anymore.  I'm not online as much and I can say I'm happie…

Racing the Calendar

The countdown is on till Christmas.  Every time I turn around I have to get another gift or attend another event or make another food item.  It's exhausting!  I just want to curl up with a good book and a cup of herbal tea or hot chocolate and relax while I put my fake fire on my computer screen.  There is something so soothing about a fire even if it is just one on my computer screen.

So it's looking like another slim snow year for us.  We have a bit of snow but it's melting fast.  We probably got an inch of slushy snow and now all that's left are the piles after we shoveled.  If we moved higher up the mountains there would be a bit more snow and it wouldn't melt as quickly but still we aren't getting much snow, just rain.  Bah humbug!

We have three family birthdays in December, no actually 5.  I think birthdays in December should be banned entirely and maybe even those in November and January too.  Too much shopping and trying to figure out something the peop…

The Plot Thickens

We thought it was all over.  Nope.  The next day a police officer shows up at our door.  This is the second time.  Oh, and the first officer was not my husband's ex-coworkers sister but the second one was.  We had already given the first officer permission to look in our daughter's bedroom or around our home which she said wasn't necessary and it was enough that we voluntarily offered this.  She was the one who phoned later asking for my daughter's name and birth date.  I'm thinking they were looking her up to see if she has any record or been involved in anything the police have on record which of course she hasn't been.

Anyway this police officer who is the sister of the ex-coworker almost knocks our door down banging on it so loud.  It was also 8:30am and I was still in bed sleeping, well trying to sleep because I had a hard time sleeping all night because of being accused of theft.  The husband answers the door and she says shes there to search.  We have re…

And It Just Keeps Coming!

Like we aren't dealing with enough crap already hear what happened to us tonight.  The contact lens place messed up the daughter's contacts and my husband's too and that is going to cost us money.  They refuse to reimburse my husband and take the contacts back even though it was their error.  The daughter was trying contacts for the first time so the Dr. ordered her a trial pair.  Seems the women at the desk don't know what they are doing because they just ordered the contacts and not a trial pair.  The daughter had to make another appointment to have them teach her to take care of and put her contacts in and take them out properly.  The Optometrist said we didn't need an appointment for this.  ARG!  Oh,a and they are charging us $100 to fit the contacts. 

So the husband and I were discussing how bad this place is and we hear someone knocking at our back door.  The husband opens it and finds someone he used to work with out there saying that her daughter's cel…

OMG! Not Again!

Why does our stupid toilet always stop working when my stupid husband is at work and my kids have friends over?  We have to deal with this regularly and I am so done with this!!!!!!!

I have to tell my son and his friend that our only toilet is out of commission.  This boy is staying here over night and the husband doesn't get home until after 10pm.  Can you hold it for over 3 hours boys cause our toilet doesn't work and I've already tried to plunge it with no luck.  Of course the husband thinks he bought a good plunger but it's really just a cheap piece of junk that doesn't work unless you have lots of upper body strength and I don't have enough.  Not to mention that it splashes nasty water all over you and the floor when you try to use it.

I was in a bad mood already and I can tell you I am about to rip someone's head off for this.  I want to take a sledge hammer to this toilet and get a plumber in to fix the bathroom so we don't have to deal with this…

I Am Enough

It seems the internet is full of people telling us who and how we should be.  If you listen you can hear them tell you that you aren't skinny enough, your aren't pretty enough, you aren't smart enough, you aren't stylish enough, you don't work hard enough, you aren't happy enough, you aren't thankful enough, you aren't good enough.  The list is endless and exhausting.

We can't all be the same and who the heck would want that anyway?  Lets stop telling everyone what's wrong with them and why they aren't enough and instead be supportive and loving.  Lets not blame the blind person for being blind the sick person for being sick or the poor person for being poor.  I'm tired of all the strident voices bragging about how hard they worked to get where they are and if you weren't so stupid/lazy/ or whatever you could be just perfect like them.  In other words your life must be just like their life and you should be able to do exactly what th…

Newest Drama

The daughter comes to me tonight and tells me that some of her friends and her want to go to a concert in Kelowna in April.  The daughter has a job and her own money so can afford to pay her own way.  She said she wasn't sure just yet how they were getting there but would she be able to go?  Of course she can go I just need to know details of how they are getting there and where they are staying.

So she goes off all happy.  She'll be 18 by then so why would I tell her no and she can pay for herself.  But then the bottom has to fall out of course like it always does.  Seems that three of her friends all got tickets to go already.  One friend's mom bought the tickets and one of them is a Christmas gift for one of the girls. Now the daughter won't be able to get seats with them and doesn't want to go to a concert and sit by herself so now it's off.  Another of her friends is going with her mom and boyfriend.  I don't have the money to take her all the way to K…

Oh, Please

Some days are almost too hard.  Do you find yourself at the end of a day begging for something good to happen so that you can concentrate on that instead of all the bad things you've had to manage?  Well, that's me today.

We have to go farther into debt to fix the fan on our car so we can defog and defrost the windows this winter.  The husband should have got this fixed this summer when he should have also got the a/c fixed but he didn't.  He figured it would be better to wait until just before Christmas and do it after he made his wife attempt to drive with fogged up windows.  I had no choice either, I had to drive the daughter to work and back.

The son had two job interviews last week.  The one woman told him he was the best candidate for the job she had.  She said several other positive things to him and then never phones him back.  His other job interview also never called him back.  So no job for him.

The husband's pay was very small this time.  I'm not sure h…

Cold and Damp

Well we have $47 to last until next Friday for food and everything.  I'm seriously ready to toss in the towel.  We don't go out to eat, don't waste money and do pretty much everything to save a buck and still are struggling to make ends meet.  It sucks, it just totally sucks.  I am now going through my stuff to see if we can sell of few items.  Unfortunately we don't own anything that is worth selling and the things we do own that are worth selling we use and don't want to sell.  I guess we'll survive somehow.  It's highly unlikely that we'll starve to death but the long term stress may just do me in anyway.

The son had two job interviews last week.  The last one was for a local pizza place and he really wanted that job.  The woman told him he was the best candidate and that she would check his one single reference and phone him the next day.  She never phoned him back.  I know you are all saying he should phone her but it's a minimum wage job in a …

Falling, Failing? Not Feeling It

Our Fall weather is beautiful.  It's just now getting cold but no frost or snow yet.  It would be pretty early to get snow before Halloween and even if it does snow it's won't stick.  We'll be lucky if we have any snow for Christmas.  Last Christmas we had no snow and from all reports and forecasts we'll be getting less snow this winter.  And I do so love a snowy winter so I'm kind of sad about that.

I finally got rid of my cold.  Still not sleeping well but at least I don't have to be up early to go to work.  I get to stay home to do enthralling things like wash the laundry, scrub the tub and wash windows.  I get to do fascinating things like sort through old clothes and organize the two tiny closets that we have and try to fit everything thing in them a family of four needs.  Our linen closet is seriously about a foot wide and we have to put our vacuum in there too.  Unfortunately we have to keep our towels in the bathroom where they get damp because we d…

What is Up With Bogger?

I keep getting tons of old blog posts come up on my feed.  From one blog I'll get a whole bunch of old post all posted in a row.  I thought maybe someone was just editing their old posts and reposting them but then a few other blogs it happened to also.

Is everyone seeing this or is it just me?


I'm here and still struggling along.  My daughter brought us a cold home and gave it to my son and I.  The husband is yet to get it so hopefully he won't get sick.  I always get the most sick and stay sick the longest.  Cold never used to bother me but lately I am feeling like a very old lady who is delicate and prone to illness.  I want to be hale and strong and kick colds to the curb.

Instead I wallow at home in my pj's coughing and snotting.  I can't sleep more than a couple hours at a time before I have to blow my nose or cough.  Once I'm awake I may as well get up to pee too.  My body doesn't go to sleep long enough to tell my kidneys to shut down urine production so I'm awake and peeing all night.  Sorry if that's too much info but it's just life.

So far I have drank several gallons of herbal tea, ate homemade chicken soup, dosed myself with oregano oil and inhaled menthol steam.  I've also taken several naps when I get tired but so far it…


I forgot to tell you all it was my birthday last Wed, Sept 23rd.  We had homemade chocolate cheese cake and spaghetti for supper.  I'd really like to go away on a holiday for my birthday and forget it's my birthday.  That is not going to happen due to a severe money shortage so I just try to make things as simple as possible and just enjoy what the day offers.  It was a beautiful sunny fall day and you can't ask for much more than that.

We did manage to watch the eclipse last night.  Getting a picture of it was not working for us as we stood outside in our front yard around 8:30pm.  Then we see a bear walking down the street just in front of us.  He was moving away from us and we did have a small fence between him and us so we really weren't too concerned about it and we tried to get a picture of the bear.  I only got one of his rear and legs as he walked away from us.  He was not at all concerned that we were outside talking and watching him.  This is as good as pictu…

Three Not So Little Bears

Bears are everywhere lately.  The husband heard one munching on our neighbour's grapes the other night.  We stood watching him about 10 feet from our bedroom window.  We keep checking our garage to make sure a bear hasn't broken into it again.

Last night we saw a large bear walking down the street.  The husband and I watched him from our front window.  I'm always thrilled to see them even if they rip holes in our garage door.  But tonight was the most amazing sight I've seen.  I looked up at the security camera and saw two bears walking down the street so I jumped up to get a better view out the front window.

It wasn't two but three very large bears walking down the middle of the street.  It must have been a mother and her two cubs but her cubs were almost the same size she was and she was pretty big.  I wish I could have taken a picture of them but I was too amazed watching them saunter down the street.  One even went up on his hind legs to look over someone's…

Life's Up and Downs

I was reading a blog with an elevator story in it and that reminded me of my own elevator story.  I'm not sure I've written about this before but I'm going to tell it again because it makes me smile.

My older sister and I had to take a two day road trip to pick up her daughter at the airport in Calgary.  It was way less expensive plus my niece didn't want to transfer planes because she was too afraid so a road trip it was.  I went along because my sister didn't want to drive all that way by herself.  Plus we always have a great time together.

We got to the airport and found a parking spot.  We walked over to where the elevators were and got in one.  It was a brand new one and didn't have buttons to push but was a touch panel.  We were both trying to puzzle it out.  Finally it moved and then came to a stop.  We got out and walked out of the covered elevator area.  As we were walking I looked over and saw a parking area and said to my sister "Isn't that …

Wildlife, Wild Life

A very large bear strolled by our house last night on the sidewalk just like he was out for a walk.  Early the next morning our neighbour rings our doorbell waking us up.  A bear, or maybe the bear had clawed his way through our garage door to get to our garbage cans.  You can see the hole in the wood at the bottom of the door. 

Our garage is really just a carport that someone enclosed and then hung a couple of large particle board doors on the back.  We nailed these shut but it wasn't too hard for the bear to tear through the particle board and then pop the doors apart to get the the garbage can.  You would think there was something very yummy in that garbage can but really there wasn't much other than some rice we threw away because no one liked it and some left over lasagna noodles.  He didn't even eat the rice or the noodles.  He didn't destroy our plastic garbage can which is good because those things are expensive.

The husband came inside after viewing the mess …

I'm Turning In My Adult Card

I don't want to be an adult anymore.  I want to go back and be a kid again when someone else takes care of everything and all I have to do is play.  Too much stress and bad stuff is going on and I'm plugging my ears and not going to hear anymore.  I'm going to stay in bed and ignore it all.

Being an adult is too hard, and watching two teens attempt the journey is painful especially when there isn't anything you can do to help.  I think I'll hand over my mom card too just for a few days.  I'm plumb out of energy and feel like a total failure.  Maybe someone else can do a better job for awhile.  I love my kids but it's hard being a parents, way harder than I ever thought.  When they were little it was so much easier, except for the lack of sleep.  Now they sleep but I'm awake all night worrying about them still.

I need a successful adult to teach me how to do that.  Anyone know any of those?

Days Like Today

There are days like today when I just don't feel like I can cope anymore.  I feel out of control and scared.  Sometimes the big ride of life feels like it's tossing me around too much and I just want it to stop or get off the ride.  No, I'm not saying I want to do harm to myself or anything like that.

Some days I just feel out of sorts like I can't handle one more thing.  It's not like anything is going on it's just normal life so why would I feel like this?  I don't like it and I know if I ignore it I will feel better soon but until that time I just want to hide.

Can't life be just a little simpler, kinder, gentler?  Why do even the simplest things have to be so hard?  Maybe I just need a good cry or to go hug a tree or something.

It Feels Like Fall!!!

We got some rain this week and the smoke cleared up finally.  And our temps went way down so it's almost cold at night.  I actually have to put my covers on at night instead of just flopping down on top of the bed to sleep.  I love, love, LOVE September!

It's a long weekend this weekend and since they have lifted the fire ban we may go out somewhere and make lunch over an open fire.  It will feel so nice to be able to do that finally this summer.  We are just waiting to hear when the daughter will be working.  They are training a new girl so we aren't sure when she will be working but the daughter will be sharing Thur, Fri, eveings, Sat and Sundays with her.  It depends on how her training goes if she will work Sunday or not.  I think the daughter would be happy to not have to work Sunday.  It's a lonely job working all on your own all day even if it is only 5 hours.

The husband is cranky.  He always gets cranky when I feel good.  I'm not sure why but it's like…

Some More, Please

So it got windy today.  It rained a bit and the smoke started to clear.  I could see the mountains around us almost clearly.  But it wasn't to last long.  The rain wasn't even enough to make a puddle and it dried up almost as fast as it came down.  Then in the afternoon the smoke started to roll back in and once again we are blanketed in a thick smoke.

I know other areas around us got a decent amount of rain and it did help some of the fires that are burning but we need more please, much, much more.  We can do without the wind or lightning, just send rain and cool temps please Mother Nature.

I can't imagine what it's like to live in the areas in California that have experienced a 4 year drought.  I think I'd consider moving if that were the case here.  I am not a hot dry kind of person at all.  I like the change of seasons, with rain, snow, and a short sunny summer.

The daughter is doing much better at her job, thank goodness.  My heart can't take any more.  Th…

End of Summer

This summer has sucked from beginning to end.  We had record high temps that still haven't really got better.  We have had almost no rain so drought conditions everywhere.  Forest fires all over the place and now our air quality is as bad as living in Beijing, China due to smoke.  It does cool off nicely at night now but you can't open your windows because then you are choking on smoke from all the forest fires.  So the time of year when most families are doing a last hurrah to summer you can't even spend any time outside or you are risking your health. 

Many wild animals have been displaced from all these fires and we are seeing them all over.  The poor things are starving and thirsty.  I can't imagine having to survive outside in all that smoke.  It's so smokey out there you can't even see the mountains surrounding us.  It's so weird to look outside and just see white everywhere.  It kind of feels like we are living in a science fiction story.

There is su…

Can't I Just Get Some Dang Good New?!!

This summer has been one of the most frustrating summer's I've ever had.  I get some good news and then it gets taken away.  The daughter gets her first job so we are all proud and happy, but she can't seem to balance or count properly so the end of the night papers are always off.  I'm not sure how long she's going to last if they have to keep looking for her errors.  Can you imagine getting fired from your very first job?  It is going to crush her already delicate spirit and my heart is breaking for her.  I say a prayer every night for her.
Then there is the son who started the summer out working lots for this job he has.  Well it didn't last long and he hasn't worked for two weeks.  We were so excited and happy he had been called back to work there and it looked like he was going to be working lots but that didn't last long because they don't have enough work.  So we are back to nagging him to get out and find a job.
And like that's not enou…

Cough, Cough, Sputter, Sputter and Sweat

Like our extreme heat isn't enough for us we get to have drought and fires along with choking smoke.  You try explaining to your asthmatic cat why he can't go outside.  He will basically keep us awake all night scratching at stuff to get us to let him outside.

If it would just rain!!!!!  We don't need any lightning though, please no more fires.  First we had smoke coming up from the fires in the US.  We also have an extreme thunder storm risk for tonight.  I can hear some rumbling right now at 12:30am.  Just rain for goodness sakes!  It will help with all the fires and get some of that smoke out of the air.  We even have ash all over.  It's shocking when you figure out how far away the fires are yet we have ash all over everything outside.

Sleeping with window a/c units on is not an option so we are all sweating and choking on the smoke.  It's still really hot and with the cloud cover it's not going to get any cooler unless we get a good hard rain.  I am so don…

Not Feeling It

It is hot again, way too hot.  The only rain we get is a couple of drops which just makes things hot and muggy.  The other day my husband kept remarking how it was cloudy but still over 35C outside at 11am.  After tomorrow it is supposed to cool down a bit.  Hopefully we can go back to 30C and 16C at night. 

Enough of the weather forecasts, you all want to know what I'm doing, right?  If you were a fly on the wall you'd have died of boredom watching me.  I did manage to read a book but right now I can't even remember the name of the book.  Dementia is setting in.

The husband is taking the kids and going to his parents house tomorrow afternoon for supper.  They live about an hour and a half drive from us.  The husband's sister, husband and youngest daughter are visiting my in-laws from Regina, Sask.  They do this every year and every year we go visit them there.  I am staying home.  With no air condition in our car and having to stuff 4 people in it for 1 1/2 hours I ca…

Shut Out

Being poor means you get shut out of so many things.  For instance I'm a member of an online group of women who all got together when we were pregnant with our Jan 98 babies or shortly after they were born.  I've only ever met one of these women but I've know the rest for 17 years now.  They are a wonderful bunch of women but I always feel like an outsider in the group.  One reason is most of them are from the US and the Canadian ones are all from Toronto and Nova Scotia and PEI.  So not close to me at all geographically. 

What really makes me feel like an outsider is when they plan gatherings.  Yes, these women travel to places and get together every couple of years.  I have never been able to afford to go.  I can't invite them here either because our little town has nothing in the way of amenities or fun things to do.  Most of these women would not enjoy any type of outdoors activity like hiking or camping and that would be all my budget could allow.   We don't h…

Well, What Can You Do?

The a/c on our car isn't working at all anymore.  The fan was barely working so they just filled up the stuff inside it but it looks like there is a large leak.  UG!  I had to drive for almost an hour today in 38C heat.  I hate driving with the windows open because my hair flies around my face and gets in my eyes.  I wear contact lenses so this can be a huge problem even when I'm wearing sunglasses.  And then there is the noise of driving with your windows open.  You can barely hear yourself think.  So I arrive looking like  I've just been in a tornado, my eyes are blood shot and I'm partially deaf.  It's not a pretty sight and that's not even mentioning the pungent aroma of sweat and the way my shirt sticks to my wet back.

I am totally avoiding driving anywhere.  That means I'm pretty much in the house all day.  I hope to be the old lady they say has beautiful skin because I won't have much sun damage  because I'm like a vampire and never go out in…

Under the Dome

I swear we live in a dome that repels clouds.  Today we had a chance of thunderstorms, we've had a chance of them for ages but never a storm here.  A few miles to the West and a few miles to the East all got a good dump of rain.  We got a sprinkle, not even enough to totally wet the sidewalks.

I've been watching the clouds on satellite maps.  You can see them coming in our direction and then they part and go around us.  Places real close by get hit be we don't.  I'm beginning to suspect that the early Italian settlers wanted this area to be as hot and sunny as Italy so put a spell over it so clouds and storms were repelled.   It's really the only explanation I can think of because I've even asked a few weather people online if they could see any geological feature that would make this area split a storm.  They don't see anything.

One day when it was really hot here we were the 5th hottest spot in the world, THE WORLD!!!  And that's in Canada folks.  I&#…


Enough with the extreme heat!  I'm done, I'm over done actually.  If it doesn't cool down I'm going to move to the Antarctic where it's always cold.  We had another 40C day, do I need to say anymore?

The son had a couple of his wisdom teeth out and he's fine.  Actually you would never know he's had anything done so hopefully that continues.  He has an interview for a full-time job that he is certain he is going to get because he says only him and another guy applied for it and the other guy is red flagged.  No idea what he means by red flagged but hopefully if he gets the job he won't find it too overwhelming because it will be a steep learning curve for him and will involve him having to handle customers.  The other job he has was perfect for him because it was just moving stuff and washing chairs and tables and counting and loading the trucks.  No customers to give him a hard time.  So if you have any extra prayers send them for the son that this job …

Morning Light

Four am is beautiful.  It's actually light out here at that time.  The birds are chirping and it's cool out.  Tonight it was too hot to sleep so after lying in bed sweating for hours I got up and opened the front and back door.  We have screen doors so they let in the cool morning air.  I'm sitting here typing watching the sun come up on my security camera.  I'd go sit in my yard but I'm in my sleep shirt and I don't go outside in my pj's unless the house is on fire.

It's Canada's 148th birthday today so Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians.  As usual we have nothing planned.   There are events planned by the city but it's going to be very hot again and I can't tolerate the heat that well yet.  I need to slowly inch my way into the heat of summer and by the time I've adjusted my body it will be Sept and cool temps will be back.

Last night we watched a storm roll in and then we saw it miss us entirely.  We could watch the lightning…

Severe Thunderstorm Risk

There were warnings up for our area.  We knew it was coming and we were welcoming some rain even if it would make things muggy.  The temperature today was down to 35C instead of the 44C it's been that last few days.  We watched the storm roll into our valley and split.  One part went on one side of us and the other went on the other side.

We got a bit of a wind storm which took some area trees down but this happens when people plant trees all on their own.  Trees need the security of a forest to stand up to high winds.  The gusts of wind ripped our sunshade/gazebo fabric cover a bit.  The flap at the top to let the air out ripped on one side.  The metal was almost blown away and to my amazement I found out the stupid husband had not tied or staked it down.  We usually tie it on one side to the garage and the other two legs get secured with spikes and rope.  This has kept it secure because we don't often get much wind.

Today was the exception and we got some pretty good gusts. …

I'm Melting

We are having another lovely heat wave.  Guess what the temperature is in my town in Southern BC.  You would never guess in a million years because everyone thinks Canada is cold.  There are areas that are roasting hot, hotter than Texas I've been told by a friend from there.

So today it was 41C (105.8 F for all your Americans).  The news said our town was 38C which was the hot spot in BC today.  It wasn't 38C though it was 41C and I know this because I have a thermometer that I checked several times.  It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow.  We may have to move North just to get out of this.  I'd say our average summer temperature is 35C (95F).

Tonight it is too hot to sleep.  We don't run our window a/c units at night because they are too loud and it's usually cool enough at night but not tonight.  Some hazy clouds decided to roll in and make it hot and muggy.  We have no breezes which is usual for here at night.  The air is hot and not moving at all.  You …

People Aren't All Bad

Tonight the daughter and I went off to the evil Walmart to pick up a few things.  She didn't want to come with me but she wanted me to pick her up some things.  I told her she had to come or I wouldn't get the things she wanted.  I'm not her personal slave.

She says she'll come and off we go.  We only had a few things to get so it didn't take long.  One of the daughter's friends was working the check out so we chatted with her for a few minutes and then left.  When we got home I asked the daughter to hand me my purse.  She looked down and said it wasn't there.  She checked the hatch and it wasn't there either.

Now I have had nightmares about losing my purse, lots of nightmares.  I have never once in my entire life lost or misplaced my purse.  But tonight I left it in the shopping cart in the Walmart parking lot.  I even returned the cart to the cart return area so how I didn't manage to see that purse sitting right there in the top of the card, I ha…

Stop Buying Bottled Water!

Do I really have to tell you why?  Okay, I will anyway.  Unless you don't have safe drinking water, and most people in North America do you have no need to buy bottled water.  It is probably dirtier than any tap water you will drink.  The plastic bottles are an environmental nightmare!

You need drinkable water?  Buy a refillable jug and dispenser.  At least the large jugs are refillable.  Do not buy water in plastic disposable water bottles unless not doing so will mean your death.

If we all stopped buying bottled water in plastic disposable bottles the world would be a better place.  You would help the environment and drink better water because we know that water in plastic bottles is worse than tap water.  We know this people!

And if you insist you need to have water with you at all times because you are one of those people who try to drink your body weight of water every day even though that's not good for your kidneys you can use a refillable bottle and just fill it up whe…

Down, Down, Down...

I was reading an article about how some people have summer depression.  We all know about SAD and that people become depressed in winter but no one really believes there are people who become depressed in the summer.  Well I read it on the internet so it has to be true but even better than that is that I pretty much suffer from it.

The article said they put cooling blankets on the people at night and they slept better.  They also said these people were better if they had air-conditioning.  They weren't sure what causes it but I guess they were looking at temperature as being a factor.  All I know is that I don't sleep when the room is too hot and that's pretty much all summer because we get temps every day of 35C or higher.  And we don't have any breezes to speak of at night so opening a window does little.

Maybe I'll make some kind of a hat where you deposit ice and wear it on your head all day.  Even if it doesn't cure your summer depression it would make oth…

Craving Strawberries

I wish local strawberries were ready.  Some are but it's not peak season yet here and for some reason I have a hankering to buy a bunch and freeze them for eating later.  Oh, and eat a bunch fresh right now.  I'll have to wait though because I'm not buying those non-organic imports which cost a fortune and taste like nothing.  I want the organic local ones.

I keep seeing people's posts about their gardens and it seems like everyone I read is harvesting now when we are still getting our plants to grow.  I guess lettuce and radishes would be ready but we didn't plant any.  The husband didn't like the lettuce I planted a couple of years ago and refuses to plant any more.  I told him not only did he wait too long to pick the lettuce leaves so they were bitter but it may have been the variety that he didn't like.  Now he's convinced that all lettuce will taste like crap from our garden but he continues to plant carrots that never grow for three years in a ro…

It's Going to Be a Hot Weekend

I wish I meant that I was going to have a great time and not that our weather is going to most likely give us record high temperatures after a week of rain and cool temps.  How is my body ever supposed to adjust to this type of bipolar weather?

Our car a/c works but the fan doesn't work properly and you can only use the first or second fan setting.  So when you get into a hot car it's going to take ages to get it cooled down.  And with our temps of +40C and our car being parked on the street in the sun you an imagine how hot it gets inside it.  Maybe I should start using the inside of our car to cook our meals.  That would save us money and wouldn't heat up the house but alas would stink up the inside of our car and I never eat food in our car.

I have finally recovered from the endless cold.  I still have a bit of a cough but mostly I am better.  I really have nothing new or exciting to write about but I'm sure I'll be complaining about the incessant heat soon enou…


This cold has got to go.  I'm still coughing almost three weeks later. I've read this is pretty normal so I'm going to hang on for a bit longer.  I hate when the Dr. sends me home telling me to wait longer and then I just have to come back or even worse I don't and end up feeling like a fool.  I will be throwing everything I can think of at this cough to get rid of it so please hit me up with all your home remedies for a cough caused by post nasal drip.

The husband took the car in to have the a/c fixed.  They filled it up and replaced something.  The something wasn't making the fan not work properly.  So now he says he would try this other something but it costs $500.  Shouldn't they know what they are fixing instead of just randomly replacing things and hoping it fixes the problem?  For the $60/hour these guys get paid they sure have no clue how to actually fix anything. 

So we have the car back because we have to drive places and only have one car.  The a/c w…