Wildlife, Wild Life

A very large bear strolled by our house last night on the sidewalk just like he was out for a walk.  Early the next morning our neighbour rings our doorbell waking us up.  A bear, or maybe the bear had clawed his way through our garage door to get to our garbage cans.  You can see the hole in the wood at the bottom of the door. 


Our garage is really just a carport that someone enclosed and then hung a couple of large particle board doors on the back.  We nailed these shut but it wasn't too hard for the bear to tear through the particle board and then pop the doors apart to get the the garbage can.  You would think there was something very yummy in that garbage can but really there wasn't much other than some rice we threw away because no one liked it and some left over lasagna noodles.  He didn't even eat the rice or the noodles.  He didn't destroy our plastic garbage can which is good because those things are expensive.

The husband came inside after viewing the mess and told me the bear didn't like the rice either.  LOL!  He did like the apples on a tree a couple doors down.  These people have an old apple tree that overhangs the alley and they don't take care of the tree or pick the apples.  The apples just fall all over the ground making a good bear attractant.  I can't imagine after gorging on all those apples what the bear would have found so enticing in our garbage that he had to rip open the doors for.

We have lived here for 20 years and never had a bear do this.  Looks like some good strong plywood and 2x4's are going to be needed now to secure the back of the garage.  Stupid bears!


Mama Pea said…
Bummer of a mess! I suppose the bears are thinking about hibernation already (or getting ready for it). We've seen a small bear most of the summer on a trail camera we have back up in the woods. Yesterday, hubby saw (just for a fleeting second) a BIG black rump going across our back wood working area. I just don't want to encounter one on a dark night!
Even the bear didn't like the rice? Jeez, everyone's a critic. It's like an episode of one of those competitive cooking shows and the bear was your celebrity judge.
Birdie said…
Picky bear. Ungrateful Bastard.

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