This cold has got to go.  I'm still coughing almost three weeks later. I've read this is pretty normal so I'm going to hang on for a bit longer.  I hate when the Dr. sends me home telling me to wait longer and then I just have to come back or even worse I don't and end up feeling like a fool.  I will be throwing everything I can think of at this cough to get rid of it so please hit me up with all your home remedies for a cough caused by post nasal drip.

The husband took the car in to have the a/c fixed.  They filled it up and replaced something.  The something wasn't making the fan not work properly.  So now he says he would try this other something but it costs $500.  Shouldn't they know what they are fixing instead of just randomly replacing things and hoping it fixes the problem?  For the $60/hour these guys get paid they sure have no clue how to actually fix anything. 

So we have the car back because we have to drive places and only have one car.  The a/c works but the fan doesn't.  It only goes to the second level and doesn't work at the higher levels.  It may be okay for people in the front of the car but pretty bad for anyone doomed to sit in the back.  Plus it will take much longer to get the car cool when we first get in.  The mechanic said he would phone around and see if he could find a used part to put in but I doubt we'll ever hear back from him.  So that was $200 to just spray some sealant in and fill up the coolant on the a/c.  What a rip off these mechanics are.  I have to remember that my husband is very easy to cheat though because he doesn't know how to fix anything.  He's pretty much a "no-fix-it" kind of guy.  They must smile when they see him coming because they know they can make a ton of money off his ignorance.  UG!  I hate men sometimes.

So most of the day the car wasn't parked in front of our house.  I notice that the street cleaners are cleaning the streets today.  I'm thinking to myself how great it will be to not have to clean the street in front of our house.  Usually our car is parked there when they come by and they have to clean around it meaning a lot of dirt is left at our curb.  We hose and sweep it up ourselves usually. 

Then I notice the idiot across the street has decided it's a good day to park where we normally park our car.  I was hoping he was only going to be there for a few minutes but nope.  I think he moved his truck so it would be nice and clean in front of his house and screwed us out of a clean street.  I'm thinking of ways to get back at them.  Letting air out of his tires crossed my mind.  Someone suggested when we sweep the dirt in front of our house and dump it in front of his.  I thought about tossing a dead fish into his bushes to rot and stink up the place but with all the cats around and other animals I'm sure one of them would eat it before it got stinking.  Dang, I really liked the fish idea.  Maybe we could throw a dead fish on their roof or in the back of his truck.  Naw, I'm not going to do any of those things but it's kind of fun thinking them up.  Stupid jerk of a guy.  I'm going to give him the stink eye the next time I see him, it's the worst I can do.

The daughter leaves for Vancouver tomorrow.  She's kind of a pro at packing for trips because she's gone on more trips than anyone in our family.  She's gone away with friends, on trips with the school and on a few for gymnastics.  Plus all the many sleep overs she's been on and she is pretty good at packing.  I just hope it all goes really well for them and the weather is good.  Vancouver can be really rainy and dreary but if the sun comes out it's spectacular.  I lived there for 4 years and and would love to go back for a visit.  I told the daughter to make sure to take a ton of pictures for me.

My bed is calling to me so I better go get in and see if it can lull me to sleep.  Night all.


Birdie said…
I swear by Cold-Fx but it is ridiculously expensive. You can get a coupon from their website and Superstore has it a little cheaper than most other places.
Sparkless said…
Birdie, I'll check for it Friday since that's payday for us. If it works I'll pay just about anything at this point. Thanks for the suggestions.
Birdie said…
Feeling any better?
Sparkless said…
Birdie, I think I am finally recovered although I still cough a bit now and again. Thanks for asking. I hope your wait for your test results isn't too stressful. Nothing worse than waiting for test results.

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