Severe Thunderstorm Risk

There were warnings up for our area.  We knew it was coming and we were welcoming some rain even if it would make things muggy.  The temperature today was down to 35C instead of the 44C it's been that last few days.  We watched the storm roll into our valley and split.  One part went on one side of us and the other went on the other side.

We got a bit of a wind storm which took some area trees down but this happens when people plant trees all on their own.  Trees need the security of a forest to stand up to high winds.  The gusts of wind ripped our sunshade/gazebo fabric cover a bit.  The flap at the top to let the air out ripped on one side.  The metal was almost blown away and to my amazement I found out the stupid husband had not tied or staked it down.  We usually tie it on one side to the garage and the other two legs get secured with spikes and rope.  This has kept it secure because we don't often get much wind.

Today was the exception and we got some pretty good gusts.  It didn't last long but it was fun.  We had hoped for rain but alas we got only enough to wet the sidewalk and that was it.  I looked at the satellite images for our area and could see all around us was getting rain but our town seems to repel rain clouds in the summer.  We really need some rain but the forecast is for sun for the next two weeks.

I'm happy the temperature has come down to a less horrible one.  Our a/c can handle 35C and if it's clear at night the temp will go down enough for me to be able to sleep.  At least I hope I can, we shall see.


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