Under the Dome

I swear we live in a dome that repels clouds.  Today we had a chance of thunderstorms, we've had a chance of them for ages but never a storm here.  A few miles to the West and a few miles to the East all got a good dump of rain.  We got a sprinkle, not even enough to totally wet the sidewalks.

I've been watching the clouds on satellite maps.  You can see them coming in our direction and then they part and go around us.  Places real close by get hit be we don't.  I'm beginning to suspect that the early Italian settlers wanted this area to be as hot and sunny as Italy so put a spell over it so clouds and storms were repelled.   It's really the only explanation I can think of because I've even asked a few weather people online if they could see any geological feature that would make this area split a storm.  They don't see anything.

One day when it was really hot here we were the 5th hottest spot in the world, THE WORLD!!!  And that's in Canada folks.  I'm plum worn out by this heat and it looks to be a long dry smokey summer here.  They are even predicting 2016 to be another record breaking year for heat.  If I wanted to live in the desert I would but I live in Canada for goodness sakes!

I burned my feet on our cement stairs the other day.  I was trying to take the laundry off the clothes line but forgot to put my sandals on.  The cement was so hot it burned the bottoms of my feet.  I had to soak them in cold water and they are still red.  I'm sick of summers stuck inside because it's basically an oven outside and the only way to keep from getting cooked alive is to stay inside and pray the power doesn't go out so your a/c will keep working. 

Send some rain or just big bags of ice.


Birdie said…
I feel for you. It has cooled considerable here in the last few days. The rain amounted to almost nothing but almost nothing is better than nothing.
Sending rain!
Sparkless said…
Later the night I posted this it rained a good amount. Birdie you worked a miracle and sent us some rain! Today the temps were a bit above 30C so more normal. Looks to be a cooler week to so maybe I'll recover what little sanity I had now.

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