I forgot to tell you all it was my birthday last Wed, Sept 23rd.  We had homemade chocolate cheese cake and spaghetti for supper.  I'd really like to go away on a holiday for my birthday and forget it's my birthday.  That is not going to happen due to a severe money shortage so I just try to make things as simple as possible and just enjoy what the day offers.  It was a beautiful sunny fall day and you can't ask for much more than that.

We did manage to watch the eclipse last night.  Getting a picture of it was not working for us as we stood outside in our front yard around 8:30pm.  Then we see a bear walking down the street just in front of us.  He was moving away from us and we did have a small fence between him and us so we really weren't too concerned about it and we tried to get a picture of the bear.  I only got one of his rear and legs as he walked away from us.  He was not at all concerned that we were outside talking and watching him.  This is as good as pictures get with my camera outside in the dark but you can make out his legs walking away. I don't have any eclipse photos worth showing so the bear rump will have to do.


Happy belated birthday! Spaghetti and cheesecake sounds wonderful to me!
Mama Pea said…
Happy belated birthday wishes from me, too. If you ask me, birthdays simply don't mean as much once you're an adult. Another thing that is for kids, as well it should be.

Amazing that you're seeing so many bears right smack dab in your residential area. Although, I was talking with a lady who lives in the middle of our small town and she has five apple trees (old ones but still bearing -- no pun intended) and a bear is spending his days and nights (!) in the tree that has the best tasting apples. He's literally eating his way through all the apples!
Sparkless said…
Debra,thanks for the birthday wishes.

Mama Pea, thanks for the birthday wishes. It's been a rough year for the wild animals with our drought and then all the fires. They have been driven into residential areas to find food. We are pretty used to bears being around just not this many of them. They will all be gone pretty soon though as they make their way up into the wild areas to find places to hibernate.

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