Can't I Just Get Some Dang Good New?!!

This summer has been one of the most frustrating summer's I've ever had.  I get some good news and then it gets taken away.  The daughter gets her first job so we are all proud and happy, but she can't seem to balance or count properly so the end of the night papers are always off.  I'm not sure how long she's going to last if they have to keep looking for her errors.  Can you imagine getting fired from your very first job?  It is going to crush her already delicate spirit and my heart is breaking for her.  I say a prayer every night for her.
Then there is the son who started the summer out working lots for this job he has.  Well it didn't last long and he hasn't worked for two weeks.  We were so excited and happy he had been called back to work there and it looked like he was going to be working lots but that didn't last long because they don't have enough work.  So we are back to nagging him to get out and find a job.
And like that's not enough.  The husband applied for a 4x4 shift at work and got it.  He was happy and excited about having 4 days off in a row.  He was supposed to start in Oct.  The joy didn't last long.  Turns out they are changing everyone's shifts and making lots of people work a night shift or two every set.  So even though he applied for a job that didn't have night shifts if he takes the job he will have to work 2-12 hour days and 2-12 hour night shifts.  This is sucky because that means you don't really get 4 days off in a row because your first day off is a sleep day.  Not to mention how difficult night shifts are to do when you are 52 years old.  So once again we got good news and it was quickly snatched out of our hands.
I want GOOD NEWS and no bad new right after it.  Can't I just enjoy something good without something bad being tossed at me too?  It's really not to much to ask for, is it? 
If you have any prayers please send them for my daughter, that she learns what she is having trouble with and keeps her job.  And send me some sanity and only good news, please!


Mama Pea said…
I'm betting your daughter's employer will see how hard she's trying and have the patience to work with her until she can get over this little learning experience. Tell her to hang in there.
Birdie said…
Shift work is awful. It is actually proven to be unhealthy.

I hope everything works out for your daughter. It is hard learning a new job.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea and Birdie. It looks like the daughter's employer likes her and they just put her into the system so I guess they are keeping her regardless of her lack of ability to count. Hopefully she'll get better. It is especially hard for my daughter who is basically in this tiny booth all by herself and has to close up for the entire day and count thousands of dollars worth of lottery tickets and cash. Plus she can't go for a break because she would have to lock everything up if she did and that takes quite a long time to do. So she works only 4 hour shifts. I would never have suspected this job has so much responsibility with it. We just thought she would be selling lottery tickets not closing up, doing reports and making a bank deposit.

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