Cough, Cough, Sputter, Sputter and Sweat

Like our extreme heat isn't enough for us we get to have drought and fires along with choking smoke.  You try explaining to your asthmatic cat why he can't go outside.  He will basically keep us awake all night scratching at stuff to get us to let him outside.

If it would just rain!!!!!  We don't need any lightning though, please no more fires.  First we had smoke coming up from the fires in the US.  We also have an extreme thunder storm risk for tonight.  I can hear some rumbling right now at 12:30am.  Just rain for goodness sakes!  It will help with all the fires and get some of that smoke out of the air.  We even have ash all over.  It's shocking when you figure out how far away the fires are yet we have ash all over everything outside.

Sleeping with window a/c units on is not an option so we are all sweating and choking on the smoke.  It's still really hot and with the cloud cover it's not going to get any cooler unless we get a good hard rain.  I am so done with this stupid summer.  I would take 6 feet of snow over this weather any day of the week.  I'd take arctic temps over these temps any day of the week.  I never used to hate summer until it go so dang hot.

Please send rain and no more fire energies/thoughts/prayers or even a naked rain dance would be fine.  I am almost ready to go do a naked rain dance myself if I could be sure it would bring a good rain I'd do it in front a a crowd!


Anonymous said…
It is the driest summer in 140 years where I live. I don't like to say where I live but I think it is safe here in the comment section. I will give a hint... The city named after the chocolate treat.

It has cooled her the last couple weeks and I am welcoming it. One can only have so many cold showers.

Mama Pea said…
We need rain, too. Happy to say no smoke from nearby fires here though. BUT high temps and even higher humidity . . . ugh. Time for the fall rains to start for all of us??
Sparkless said…
Anonymous, ah yes, my fave sweet treat. We make them every Christmas. Our smoke went away for a few days but it's back this weekend. It's coming from fires in the US and is threatening to jump the border. Canadian crews have finally been allowed to help fight this fire. We have enough of our own but this one fire is threatening a town so they have no choice.

Mama Pea, glad you aren't getting any smoke from fires at your end of the country. High temps and humidity, ewwwww that's worse than our hot dry weather but we have the smoke thing going on so I guess we tie for crappy weather. LOL! I'm so ready for Fall and Winter.

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