It Feels Like Fall!!!

We got some rain this week and the smoke cleared up finally.  And our temps went way down so it's almost cold at night.  I actually have to put my covers on at night instead of just flopping down on top of the bed to sleep.  I love, love, LOVE September!

It's a long weekend this weekend and since they have lifted the fire ban we may go out somewhere and make lunch over an open fire.  It will feel so nice to be able to do that finally this summer.  We are just waiting to hear when the daughter will be working.  They are training a new girl so we aren't sure when she will be working but the daughter will be sharing Thur, Fri, eveings, Sat and Sundays with her.  It depends on how her training goes if she will work Sunday or not.  I think the daughter would be happy to not have to work Sunday.  It's a lonely job working all on your own all day even if it is only 5 hours.

The husband is cranky.  He always gets cranky when I feel good.  I'm not sure why but it's like he doesn't like to see me happy.  He can shove it cause I'm not letting his cranky get to me.  It's September my favorite month of the year!  Plus my birthday is coming up so I get to think about what I want for a change.  I'm forever thinking about everyone else and my birthday is the one day of the year I get to think only about myself.

My yard and house is a disaster but I don't care cause it's Fall!!!  Well technically it's not fall yet but it feels like fall so close enough.  I'm starting my fall cleaning soon.  Look out cause things are going to sparkle.


Mama Pea said…
I've always gotten energized in the fall, too. Most people feel that in the spring, but I have a hard time coming out of my winter hibernation (big, ol' bear that I am) in the spring. (Besides, I HATE mud!) So I'm with you in that fall is my time of year. Now if this last (I think it's the last) hot, humid spell we're in would turn into fall type weather, I'd be feelin' as chirky as you are!
Birdie said…
It isn't technically fall but you can rejoice like it is. The summer was way too hot. I hope it rains and rains for you.

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