Enough with the extreme heat!  I'm done, I'm over done actually.  If it doesn't cool down I'm going to move to the Antarctic where it's always cold.  We had another 40C day, do I need to say anymore?

The son had a couple of his wisdom teeth out and he's fine.  Actually you would never know he's had anything done so hopefully that continues.  He has an interview for a full-time job that he is certain he is going to get because he says only him and another guy applied for it and the other guy is red flagged.  No idea what he means by red flagged but hopefully if he gets the job he won't find it too overwhelming because it will be a steep learning curve for him and will involve him having to handle customers.  The other job he has was perfect for him because it was just moving stuff and washing chairs and tables and counting and loading the trucks.  No customers to give him a hard time.  So if you have any extra prayers send them for the son that this job works out well for him.

I bought some yummy fruit from a local place.  The cherries are so good this year.  I got peaches and blueberries too.  And just to add some veggies in I got some lettuce, peas and celery.  I wish I could buy large amounts and freeze these fruits while they are at their peak but we can't afford to do that so we'll just enjoy most of it fresh.

I'll be baking one of Mama Peas famous Blueberry Buckle Cakes (I think that's what it was called) tomorrow and I don't care how hot it is I'm baking anyway.  I may even make the same cake but with cherries.  That would be yummy to or maybe with peaches.  They'd all be delicious.

I'm off to check the gardens and water whatever seems to be struggling the most.  It doesn't seem to matter how much water you give the plant in this weather it's just too hot.


Birdie said…
Fingers crossed that your son gets a job. You know that I kicked my son out and he went to live with his dad. He has to leave there now and has to get his own place. He now has to work full time and pay rent. I wonder if he is missing his mom's place?
Sparkless said…
Birdie, I do remember you saying that and I applaud your strength. You did the right thing making your son be responsible. My son is kind of working right now but on a casual basis at the place he was working before. It's a party rental place so you get work when they have jobs. If he gets this new job he will be full-time and working within walking distance from home. We will give him enough time to see if the job works out and then if he manages to keep the job and is doing well we will be asking for rent.
Mama Pea said…
Don't know how you can stand to put on your oven to bake a cake in the weather you're having! Speaking of Blueberry Buckle, I baked a Coconut Cream Cake for my daughter's birthday yesterday (that's her requested birthday cake every year) and my husband commented he would like it for his birthday in August but with blueberries folded into the batter. Coconut and blueberries? I'm not sure but if that's what he wants, I'll try it. I tried to talk him into Blueberry Buckle instead, but he's holding out for his suggestion.

Oh, my gosh! I'm crossing my fingers, toes and eyes that your son gets this full-time job and does well at it. We owned and operated our restaurant from the time our daughter was in high school and into college. She waited tables there and says learning to deal with "the public" was the best confidence builder she could have had. It might be rough for your "shy" son at first, but if he sticks with it, he'll learn a lot!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, Maybe you could use the haskap berries in the cake? Aren't they supposed to be similar to blueberries? We have a window a/c unit in our kitchen so we can cook in the summer or we'd be eating cold food all summer.
You are so right about dealing with the public. I was a shy kid and working in stores taught me a lot. He had his interview but it was really short and he didn't want to say much about it other than they will notify the person by the end of the week. I am praying for the best for him whatever that may be.

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